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Glance screen share

Share your insights — not just your screen

Real-time screen sharing for customer collaboration has never been easier – or more secure. Glance makes remote screen share easy for your sales, services, training and support teams. Bonus: customers or prospects don’t need to download anything. That’s what we call streamlining engagements while securing critical data.
Supercharge your screen share

Only Glance Screen Share delivers:


Screen Share for Advisory Selling

Launch a quick online screen sharing session with your prospect to deliver a killer demo or presentation and help you close the sale. Glance Screen Share shortens sales cycles and improves close rates.


Screen Share for Support

Pass screen sharing control to customers to help them navigate and manage configurations during service and support. Glance Screen Share is proven to improve case resolution and reduce key KPIs like average handle time (AHT) and first contact resolution (FCR).


Screen Share KPI Reporting

Screen share sessions are logged automatically in a CRM or other solution to capture KPIs. Managers can see how prospect screen share boosts sales or how customer screen share improves support.

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No-download screen share with Glance

No screen share software is faster to launch, easier to use, or more universally compatible than Glance. With no time - sucking downloads or installs required, customers and prospects can seamlessly join a screen share session with representatives. Company representatives join a screen share session with just one click from your CRM or CCaaS - for a totally frictionless screen share experience proven to boost both customer and employee experience.


Powerful integrations

Frictionless employee workflow

Glance screen share  and remote control solutions integrate with CRM and contact center technologies. Company representatives easily share screens with customers – or pass them the control – with one click in a contact or case record. Glance Screen Share offers a frictionless representative screen share workflow, letting your employees use screen sharing technology to improve selling, transactions, training and support.

Salesforce Integration

Cobrowse vs screen share?

With Glance, there’s no need to choose

Need to switch from a cobrowse session to a screen sharing session? With Glance, it’s easy to move between cobrowse and screenshare customer experiences for both the agent and the visitor, working together until the issue is resolved, the question is answered, or the demo is completed. Just like cobrowse, Glance Screen Share offers security and privacy options that support compliance initiatives.


Human everywhere: cobrowse that connects

Out-of-the-box integrations

Prebuilt integrations and open APIs enable Glance to launch with just one click from any CRM, employee desktop, or contact center technology. Company representatives and customers join a cobrowse session easily, reducing friction during both the customer and the employee experience. And cobrowse session data is automatically logged in the integrated system to demonstrate the positive impact of cobrowse on KPIs.

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Beyond screen share

The Glance Guided CX platform

Engage with customers any way they choose. With one click, deliver an omnichannel screen share experience connecting customers with your sales, service, training, or technical support team – in the channel they prefer. Glance Guided CX provides instant online collaboration across all devices – website, mobile, or desktop app – and all channels: voice, text, chat, email, and more.


Add Glance Video to Screen Share

When customers can see the friendly face of the representative during a screen share session, it can humanize your brand, diffuse tense interactions, and build trust.

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Switch Between Cobrowse and Screen Share

Cobrowse or screenshare? With Glance, you don’t have to choose. Representatives and customers can quickly and easily switch between cobrowse and screen share, with no customer downloads – ever.

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Multi-Mode Engagement for Mobile Apps

Provide continuity in your mobile app with an experience familiar to screen share users in your web or desktop app. Share only the app screen customers are working in, ensuring privacy, security, and a frictionless mobile app sharing experience.

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Our Industries

Glance Screen Share takes brands’ CX to the next level

Leading brands across industries are elevating the customer experience using Guided CX. Explore how Glance powers better CX in:

The most secure way to support your virtual branch experience: digitally deliver advisory services and support digital transactions with Glance Guided CX.


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business meeting glance video

Support customers with Glance while making digital claims and managing their accounts online.


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Ideal for app-based customer support and training new users, customers never leave your app with Glance solutions.


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Join your customers inside your digital spaces

Set your digital customer experience apart from the rest with Glance Guided CX.