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One-click personal connections

Connect with customers for personal guidance and issue resolution

While AI and bots play a growing role in today’s enterprises, at moments when customers need service and support, it takes empathy and expertise to offer real solutions, deepen customer relationships, and grow brand loyalty.

Turn support into revenue

Glance allows your customer service and support representative to see the screen of the digitally connected customer – and shows your customer the agent’s friendly face during the interaction. Your representative gains an instant understanding of the customer’s problem and can more quickly guide them to a solution, while simultaneously humanizing your brand.


Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

With Glance, you can greet customers in any digital channel with the friendly face of an agent when they need your help the most. Drive measurably higher customer satisfaction and lifetime customer value by more quickly understanding and solving customer problems.


Grow Lifetime Value

When customers receive premium service and support, their satisfaction spikes. Take advantage of these “high-CSAT moments” to up-sell and expand the customer relationship. Glance improves customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.


Reduce Costs in the Contact Center

Shorter and more effective calls drive costs out of call center operations. With Glance, agents feel happier and more empowered to solve problems, resulting in less churn and lower agent recruiting and onboarding costs.


Realize Rapid ROI

Forrester concluded that Glance can result in an average ROI breakeven within 6 months and nearly 4X ROI within 3 years. For CX executives committed to proving value, Glance is a recognized industry leader.

How it works

Guided CX that elevates the customer and agent experience

Deliver standout experiences that turn moments of frustration into loyalty launchpads. Giving customers the power of real, human connection in your digital channels is proven to drive satisfaction. And equipping agents with tools that help them better collaborate with customers makes for a happier and more efficient team.

Glance enables call center agents to instantly see what callers are seeing on-screen, to quickly understand problems and guide them to a speedy solution.


The agent can highlight elements on the customer’s screen including text, graphics, form fields, and navigation controls. Agents can guide the customer, and follow from page to page as the customer navigates the website or app.

Salesforce Integration

Glance allows customer service and support representatives to reach understanding and solve problems with customers faster, building rapport and turning negative experiences into engagements that create long-lasting customer bonds. With Glance, the customer can even see the friendly face of the representative, humanizing your brand.


Glance can also show the agent’s screen to the customer — perfect for presenting and demoing to close the sale or for delivering advisory services.

Tech features

Lightweight and secure

Glance is easy and safe to use — for customers and representatives.


Connect with One Click - no Download

With a simple click of a button the agent can launch a sharing session with the customer — no need for the customer to download any software. Glance is integrated with your existing CRM and contact center technology for a frictionless workflow and effortless customer experience.


Works on any Device

Agents can see the screen of callers no matter whether they are using your desktop software, website, browser based app, or native mobile app. Glance gives you a consistent agent and customer experience on every digital platform.


Enterprise Scalability & Security

Glance is enterprise-proven in some of the largest contact centers in the world. And Glance is engineered to comply with strict customer privacy and security requirements, perfect for financial services, healthcare, and insurance.


Rapid ROI

Forrester concluded that Glance can result in an average ROI breakeven within 6 months and nearly 4X ROI within 3 years. For CX executives committed to proving value, Glance is a recognized industry leader.

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What our customers are saying

Using Glance, agents resolve questions quickly and easily, untangle complex situations, and prevent escalations. First call resolution rates, NPS, and CSAT scores rise as frustrated visitors are transformed into satisfied customers.
intuit logo

We have the ability to have our experts see what the customer sees and highlight areas to help direct the customer. Our one-way video lets the customer connect the TurboTax expert they are speaking with. It’s been a game changer for Intuit.


Stacie Herring

Director of Assisted Experience at Intuit

axos logo blue

We’re able to jump right into whatever issue the customer may be facing and provide real-time guidance as opposed to trying to make them describe what they see on the screen.


Jonathan Crane

Senior VP, Centers of Excellence for Axos Bank


Enabling lenders to see what the customer is seeing in the digital environment and offer guidance and personalized service as needed through Glance cobrowsing is incredibly valuable.


Amy Brandt

President and CEO of Docutech

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