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Glance Guided CX

We believe in the power of personal connection.


Our Mission

At Glance, we believe that personal connection makes a world of difference.

That’s why our mission is to power seamless personal support for critical moments. Providing your customers with every possible digital channel to get things done is a no-brainer, but nothing beats genuine human guidance provided at the right moment. That’s what drives us to create Guided CX solutions that are laser-focused on delivering a seamless, personal, guided experience in the digital world. When a customer gets hands-on, personal expertise, they’re more likely to feel confident in their decisions, complete a task faster, and just feel more supported. With Glance’s Guided CX tools, the right kind of support at the right moment isn’t just possible, it’s easy, light … and life-changing.

Where we came from

Our history

Founded in 2001, Glance was at the forefront of innovative digital experiences with the launch of one of the first screen sharing tools on the internet. Rich Baker, one of Glance’s founders, emphasized that Glance, at its core, should be “simple, secure, and always work.” That hasn’t changed. Glance has grown from a screen-sharing solution selling individual licenses to a Guided CX platform serving the largest global enterprises, never losing focus on bringing people together in digital spaces to problem-solve at critical moments.


Glance by the numbers

4 Million+ Monthly Glance Guided CX sessions

300,000+ Monthly worldwide representatives guiding customers with Glance

1.5 Billion+ Precious minutes spent with customers guiding them to CX nirvana

The proof

Don't just take it from us

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Careers at Glance

We love what we do because it’s meaningful. At Glance, we can end each day knowing we help people through stressful moments, make company representatives’ lives easier, and deliver interactions that make people say “wow.”

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