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Glance cobrowse

Get on the same page as your customers – literally

It’s more than screenshare. With cobrowse, a company’s representatives can join a shared browsing experience with customers, partners, or prospects. Glance Cobrowse lets representatives see what customers see, live. It’s like being right next to a customer to answer questions, offer consultation, and guide them at critical moments.
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Why cobrowse?

Only Glance Cobrowse delivers:


Omnichannel Flexibility

Your customers can use any device, browser, and communications channel during a cobrowse session.


Enterprise Scale

Glance Cobrowse supports thousands of concurrent sessions, balancing network and device constraints for consistent quality.


In-Brand Experiences

Endlessly customizable UI and UX options for cobrowse deliver the brand experience your customers – and your representatives – expect.

Cobrowse: so customers never feel alone in your digital spaces

Digital “DIY” can leave customers feeling abandoned online. With Glance, cobrowsing means representatives can instantly launch a session from their existing CRM or CCaaS console and join customers online to “Do It Together” – whether it’s a tricky transaction or an important decision. Cobrowsing technology puts representatives next to customers, virtually: improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime revenue.

Trust & Security

Collaborate on-screen

Instantly see what customers see and guide them in the moment

Unlike screen share, cobrowse solutions let company representatives scroll a web page or app together with customers, highlighting content and navigation options to assist them. When customers change pages, cobrowsing technology lets representatives  follow. With Glance, this shared browsing happens with nothing to download, ever. Leading brands trust Glance Cobrowse to improve selling, transactions, training and support.

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Secure cobrowse from Glance supports privacy and compliance

Enterprises trust Glance Cobrowse to meet security and privacy requirements. Masking protects sensitive data from representatives’ view during cobrowsing sessions – including credit card or social security numbers. There’s no risk of sharing content from the desktop, other apps, or other browsers when cobrowsing. Glance Cobrowse only works for the website or app tagged, supporting compliance initiatives.  

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Add humanity to your tech stack

Glance provides out-of-the-box integrations

Prebuilt integrations and open APIs enable Glance to launch with just one click from any CRM, employee desktop solution, or contact center technology. Representatives and customers join a cobrowse session easily, reducing friction during both the customer and the employee experience. And cobrowse session data is automatically logged in the integrated system to demonstrate the positive impact of cobrowse on KPIs.

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More than cobrowse

The Glance Guided CX platform

Engage with customers any way they choose. With one click, deliver an omnichannel cobrowse experience connecting customers with your sales, service, training, or technical support team – in the channel they prefer. Glance Guided CX provides instant online collaboration, including cobrowse, across all devices – website, mobile, or desktop app – and all channels: voice, text, chat, email, and more.


Add Video to Cobrowse

When customers can see the friendly face of your representative during a cobrowse session, it can humanize your brand, diffuse tense interactions, and build trust.

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Switch Between Cobrowse and Screen Share

Cobrowse or screenshare? With Glance, you don’t have to choose. Representatives and customers can quickly and easily switch between cobrowse and screen share, with no downloads.

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Multi-Mode Engagement with Mobile App Share

Provide the same cobrowse and video experiences in your mobile app. Enjoy the same security and PDF Cobrowse features and quickly launch mobile camera share to enhance support

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Our industries

Glance Cobrowse takes brands’ CX to the next level

Leading brands across industries are setting themselves apart through the power of human connection. Explore how Glance powers better CX in:


Financial Services

The most secure way to support your virtual branch experience: digitally deliver advisory services and support digital transactions with Glance Guided CX.

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Support customers with Glance while making digital claims and managing their accounts online.

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Saas and Software Providers

Ideal for app-based customer support and training new users, customers never leave your app with Glance solutions.

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Innovative digital + human experiences are transforming retail, and Glance is right there alongside leading retail companies to keep personal touchpoints consistent across all channels.

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