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Guided CX

Navigating the new normal in investment management presented by Financial Planning

This eBook includes:

Guided CX

Personal meets digital: Guided experiences for SaaS

Download this eBook to learn:

Guided CX

Does your CX have a human connection gap?

We’re living in an age of hyper-normalized digital convenience. Customers expect every online interaction to involve a frictionless, self-service, end-to-end journey – all taken from the comfort of their couches.

Customer Retention

Digital retail customer experience trends

Key trends in digital retail customer experience to pay attention to. Customer experience is a top priority for retailers striving to set themselves apart from their competition. In this guide, you’ll gain insights into what customers expect today, discover key digital retail trends to watch, and receive guidance for delivering on your customers’ expectations. Download the eBook to learn:

Customer Retention

Cultivating personal customer experiences in healthcare

Download this eBook to learn: The top customer experience concerns of healthcare organizations What should be in your CX technology stack How to ensure that all customer experiences make room for personal guidance

Customer Retention

The turning point for digital lending

This eBook includes:

Guided CX

Guided CX in mobile apps: Best practices with Glance

Can you name one communications channel that’s seldom, if ever, out of arm’s reach? Used 3.5 – 5.5 hours per day? Preferred by nearly 2/3 of us to engage with websites?

Digital Transformation

Do or die digital banking

This eBook includes:

Digital Transformation

Best practices in CX measurement

Glance offers guided customer experience solutions that let your representatives join your customers face to face — inside your website or app — right at their moment of need.


Why visual engagement is important and how to refresh it

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Salespeople and demo technicians love Glance because it is simple, easy, fast, and reliable. Sales leadership loves Glance because of the automatic KPI capture in the CRM and the ability to inspect the sales process. Everyone loves the results: close business faster, for more revenue.
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"We have the ability to have our experts see what the customer sees and highlight areas to help direct the customer. Our one-way video lets the customer connect the TurboTax expert they are speaking with. It’s been a game changer for Intuit."


Stacie Herring

Director of Assisted Experience at Intuit

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"We’re able to jump right into whatever issue the customer may be facing and provide real-time guidance as opposed to trying to make them describe what they see on the screen."


Jonathan Crane

Senior VP, Centers of Excellence for Axos Bank


"Enabling lenders to see what the customer is seeing in the digital environment and offer guidance and personalized service as needed through Glance cobrowsing is incredibly valuable."


Amy Brandt

President and CEO of Docutech


Join your customers inside your digital spaces

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