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Transform Customer Experience

Be there when your customers need you

Too many digital experiences leave customers to figure it out for themselves. Glance Guided CX lets your representatives join your customers right inside your website or app to help them out -  right at the moment they need you. 

Personal connections that transform digital experiences

Your customers are on a digital journey. Glance lets your representatives join them along the way: seeing what they see on screen and in-the-moment, directing their navigation, answering their questions, and earning their trust, securely and reliably. Glance helps companies:


Avoid Digital Abandonment

When things get tough, your employees can join your customers to help them through.


Eliminate Frustration

At key moments of decision, your representatives can offer advice and expertise.


Connect Customers with Your Brand

With one-on-one, personalized attention, customer sentiment soars - and customer loyalty along with it.

Set your CX apart with the power of your people

Glance is architected to be a seamless part of your existing digital properties, making it totally frictionless for your customers and your representatives. It lets you augment your digital experiences with your people  - when and where your customers need you. 

Customer choice

On any of your digital properties, in every way your customers prefer to connect with you, join them instantly with Glance. 

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Employee ease of use

Representatives can initiate a Glance session with a single click from inside their existing employee desktop solution.

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Enterprise scale

Powering tens of thousands of sessions daily – and millions per month – Glance supports the world’s largest brands with security, accessibility, and compliance.

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Glance Guided CX Platform

Glance Guided CX is a suite of software capabilities designed to power collaborative, in-person experiences right inside your existing digital properties.


With nothing to download and install, representatives simply see what your customers see and assist their navigation in your website or desktop app: securely, in-person, and in the moment.


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Mobile App Share

Representatives join customers inside your mobile app - all customers do is accept a simple prompt - to see only what they’re seeing inside that app and guide their actions.


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Mobile App Share


Add live video chat to any Cobrowse or Mobile App Share experience to augment onscreen interactions with powerful, personal, face-to-face collaboration - right in your current website or app and with nothing for users to download or install.


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Mobile Camera Share

With no app to install, invite customers or colleagues to share their mobile cameras and see what’s in their environment for troubleshooting, advisory services, or issue resolution.


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Mobile Camera Share

Screen Share

Secure screen sharing technology from Glance lets representatives see any screen, browser tab, or app on a customer’s computer.


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Our industries

Glance takes brands’ CX to the next level

Leading brands across industries are elevating the customer experience using Guided CX. Explore how Glance powers better CX in:

Financial Services

The most secure way to support your virtual branch experience: digitally deliver advisory services and support digital transactions with Glance Guided CX.

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Support customers with Glance while making digital claims and managing their accounts online.

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SaaS and Software Providers

Ideal for app-based customer support and training new users, customers never leave your app with Glance solutions.

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Join your customers inside your digital spaces

Set your digital customer experience apart from the rest with Glance Guided CX.