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Guided transactions

It turns out the most powerful thing you can build into your website or app is a human

Many digital experiences fail to achieve their business objectives because they lack the support a real person can offer when users get stuck. And when customers feel abandoned in your digital spaces, they may in turn abandon your brand. Add Glance, and you’ll add the power of real human connections during critical digital moments.
Better CX, Faster Transactions

Only Glance delivers:


Higher Transaction Completion Rate

With Glance, company representatives can be right there, inside digital spaces with your customers, to help rescue transactions that otherwise would have been stalled or abandoned. Glance is proven to help drive completed transactions.


Higher User Satisfaction

Glance sets your digital experiences apart with the power of your people: helping your brand to convert frustrated users into raving fans and build lifelong customer bonds. Service and support engagements that include Glance are proven to result in higher CSAT and NPS scores.


Stickier Experiences

Well-supported users that feel valued by your brand because of the support you can offer inside your digital experiences are more likely to become “power users,” rate your app higher, and offer positive reviews. Glance is proven to result in higher customer lifetime value and reduced customer churn.

See where your customers get stuck

Instead of playing 20 Questions to learn where your user is stuck, representatives can instantly see the user’s screen and guide them through the transaction.

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Guide users to a solution, fast

With Glance, your representative can highlight text, graphics, form fields, and navigation controls on your customer’s screen. Representatives can guide the user, and follow from page to page as the user navigates, providing expertise and advice while helping them and complete the transaction.

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Mobile App Share

Support security & privacy compliance

Protect customer privacy by masking fields with sensitive information from the agent’s view. Security is always top of mind with Glance: sharing sessions are always encrypted.

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Trust & Security

Enhance any desktop, browser, or mobile app with Glance

Glance delivers the same great experience for your customers and representatives regardless of which platform, device, or operating system the customer is using.

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