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Glance Guided CX™

Real human guidance for digital CX

At complex CX moments, nothing beats human connection. Guided CX is more than cobrowse or screen share: it brings your representatives and customers together for frictionless personal collaboration in real time.

Human Guidance for Digital Spaces

How Glance Guided CX™ works

Set your digital CX apart with real human guidance.
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Independent Study: Glance Guided CX yielded 394% ROI

Glance Guided CX found to enhance customer service operations, reduce costs, and drive revenue in a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting.

Why it matters

Save their day, and your KPIs

Great customer experience is no longer negotiable. With Glance, you can take your CX from table-stakes to game-changing.

75% of customers want to interact with a real person more often as technology improves (PwC)

70% abandon online transactions because of a bad user experience. (PwC)

66% of businesses say they compete solely on CX (Gartner)

How it works

Connect with your customers – your way

Web, mobile, screenshare, cobrowse – with Glance, you’ll always get a secure, easy-to-use experience that launches from any CRM or CCaaS for your representatives, and a day-brightening, intuitive experience for customers.

Get on the same page


Join your customers in any digital space to see, guide, share, and collaborate, with the ability to gesture at and highlight elements on screen for the customer, assist in form completion, and more.

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Fast & Secure


Not all screen share technology is created equal, especially when security is top of mind. With presence detection within your CRM, launching a secure screen share session with a customer is just one click away for your representatives.

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Any Device, Anywhere

Mobile App Share

Give customers the same powerful cobrowse and screen share experience on your iOS or Android mobile app. Representatives can see and cobrowse with customers, no matter the platform they’re using.

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Mobile App Share

Be there with them

Mobile Camera Share

End users can share their camera to let representatives see what they’re seeing and help solve issues quickly. Mobile camera share is great for technical troubleshooting, verification, or diagnosis in the same secure Glance platform your representatives know and trust.

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Mobile Camera Share

Humanizing digital experiences across millions of CX interactions

CX industry leaders choose Glance Guided Customer Experience for:


Customer Support

Stand out with customer service and support from a real person, improve customer retention, and watch your KPIs overperform.

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Accelerate your sales cycle by delivering dynamic, interactive sales demos and advisory sessions.

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Go from basic onboarding to white-glove, hands-on training and support that helps them realize speed to value and improves retention.

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Mobile Support

Make sure your customers feel supported no matter where they work with you, with brand-building mobile app and camera sharing.

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Boost conversions, offer hands-on guidance and personal shopping, and offer in-context, in-the-moment expertise inside your website or app.

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Advisory Services

Help customers navigate complex life decisions and difficult processes with advice from an expert they can trust - you.

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Our industries

If your brand is unique, your CX should be, too.

Human connections in digital spaces transform CX for the world’s leading brands. See how Glance powers better CX in:

Financial Services

Transform Transactions

Trust and communication are at the heart of better customer experiences in banking and wealth management. See how Glance delivers both for financial services organizations.

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Glance for Healthcare

Stress-Free Claims Management

Navigating a complex healthcare and health insurance landscape can be one of the most stressful parts of life – and nothing improves it more than a supportive, human voice on the other end of the process. 

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Glance for Software

Human CX For Software

From better sales and onboarding to personalized customer success management, SaaS companies use Glance Guided CX for end-to-end human guidance.

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Glance for Retail

Digital That Feels In-Person

Innovative digital + human experiences are transforming retail, and Glance is right there alongside leading retail companies to keep personal touchpoints consistent across all channels. 

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Technology ecosystem & integrations

Glance continuously evolves our technology ecosystem, making it easy for partners to include Glance Guided CX solutions when selling, implementing, or supporting complementary products and services. Our open APIs and SDKs enable integration with any CRM, agent desktop, contact center, or CX technology.

Featured out-of-the-box integrations are not limited to but include:

The proof

Don’t just take it from us

Customer Stories

Elevated customer experience for top enterprises

Glance is road-tested at scale for large and growing CX industry leaders.

Guided CX

Glance Makes Customer Consultations Less Taxing for Intuit

Anyone who has ever filed a tax return on their own can sympathize with being stuck and confused. But taxpayers who use TurboTax® from Intuit experience a level of hands-on collaboration that can change everything.

The tax preparation software market is crowded with low-cost and free competitors. Intuit is determined to win and keep customers based on premium service and customer confidence that Intuit is helping them to receive the maximum allowable tax refund.

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Guided CX

MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance.

MINDBODY is the world's leading wellness services online marketing place and software platform

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Guided CX

How Constant Contact transforms service centers with Glance

How Constant Contact uses Glance

Constant Contact, a SaaS-based email marketing solution company, has always placed a high value on customer care. They recognize that happy and successful customers are loyal customers, and that each touch point provides an opportunity to deepen the customer relationship.

Constant Contact has used Glance since 2005. Customer support agents can launch a sharing session with one click, view the customer’s screen, instantly understand the problem, and guide them to a speedy solution. Glance sessions are proven to drive measurably higher First Call Resolution (FCR) and higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

In 2016, Constant Contact began an initiative to take advantage of these high CSAT moments. They realized that customer support calls with a positive outcome  and the resultant spike in CSAT  represented a perfect opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell related products and services to happy customers. Agent KPIs now include recommending up-sell options, acceptance rate, and revenue contribution.

A multi-pronged approach

To breathe life into this initiative, Constant Contact embarked on a comprehensive strategy that incorporated in-depth training combined with innovative technology.  The company’s service agents were taught to identify which customer interactions were, indeed, sales opportunities and, of those, which were appropriate for up-selling products and consulting services.

Along with its focus on training and data analytics, Constant Contact understood it needed to implement robust technology that would enable its agents to elevate the level of personal service they could deliver.  Delivering exceptional service leads to the “high-CSAT moments” to which Kenny refers.  These are perfect moments for up-selling.  The company consulted its long-time partner and industry leader in visual engagement solutions, Massachusetts-based Glance Networks.  The idea was to understand how Glance can help Constant Contact leverage its co-browse and screen share capabilities — which have demonstrably increased its CSAT scores — to convert customer touch points into revenue opportunities. 

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