3 reasons to humanize the digital retail customer experience today

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Today’s retail customers want it all. They want the convenience of ecommerce with the personal attention of shopping in-store with an associate. They want to spend with brands that provide standout experiences. And of course, they want free and fast shipping.

How are retailers responding to these customer expectations? About half of retail IT executives surveyed by DemandScience said they’re prioritizing upgrades to their digital CX, as published in a Comcast Business report. Here are three reasons retailers should implement Guided CX in their digital spaces to humanize the ecommerce experience.

1. Guided CX increases CSAT (customer satisfaction)

We know improving the customer experience increases satisfaction. Seeing a friendly face at the right moment through Guided CX solutions like cobrowse and video chat is powerful, and companies using Glance Guided CX see an average CSAT rating of 97%!

Consider this example: a customer is shopping for a high-value item, let’s say a new sofa. With so many options and materials to choose from, they can easily become overwhelmed. It’s a big purchase decision that they want to feel confident in. If a consultant can join them on their screen and provide personal, one-on-one guidance, they’ll get the same level of service they expect in-store with the convenience of ecommerce. Plus, they could even show the consultant their space! With the expertise and guidance only a human can provide, they’ll feel great about their shopping experience and purchase decision.

It’s easy to see why Guided CX elevates the customer experience.

2. Guided CX improves customer and employee interactions

Guided CX provides better experiences for both customers and agents by facilitating more personalized, human-to-human engagements. In short, it replicates the in-store experience online.

For the customer, they don’t feel alone and abandoned in their digital journey. Instead, they feel supported and emotionally connected to your brand.

For the agent, they have the right tools and technology to efficiently and effectively serve customers. By seeing exactly where the customer is in their journey, they’re empowered to provide faster and more personalized assistance.

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3. Guided CX drives revenue growth by increasing brand loyalty

When customers’ questions are resolved quickly they’ll come back again and again.

Companies using Glance improve NPS (net promoter score), a measure tied closely to customer loyalty, as much as 18 points. And according to a survey of 3,400 B2C companies, those that embraced digital customer engagement saw an average revenue growth of 70%.

As retailers embrace new technologies in their digital spaces, too many are leaving a critical element behind: human connection. Bots are helpful, but they haven’t replaced humans. Websites and algorithms can be powerful, but so are relationships. Humans crave authentic connections, which is one of the biggest benefits of shopping in-store. Getting one-on-one connection and service from staff has a positive effect on brand loyalty, helping drive revenue growth as more transactions occur online.

Want to learn more about how retailers can deliver standout customer experiences in their digital spaces? Download the Salesforce eBook to explore the proven impact of using Guided CX to humanize the customer experience.

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