6 tips to get started with contact center AI

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In a recent discussion on CX Today, Glance CEO Tom Martin shared his valuable insights on the integration of AI in contact centers and its potential to redefine customer service. The conversation, hosted by CX Today’s Charlie Mitchell, touched on various aspects of AI application, offering a roadmap for contact center leaders looking to harness AI's power.

Keep reading for six key tips from the discussion, or scroll to watch the full video at the bottom of this post.

Tip 1: Take a holistic approach to AI integration

Tom emphasized the importance of a holistic view when integrating AI into contact centers. Leaders should consider the entire customer journey and how different departments contribute to the customer experience. The aim is to orchestrate a seamless journey, ensuring personal connections are made at critical moments. This approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances operational efficiency across the board.

Tip 2: Start with agent assist tools

A key starting point in AI integration is focusing on agent assist tools. These tools can transform agents into “super agents” by providing them with real-time assistance, access to information, and insights into customer sentiment. This dual impact of improving customer interactions and reducing the workload on staff signifies the immediate benefits of AI in contact centers. 

Tip 3: Think beyond chatbots

While chatbots are often seen as the go-to AI tool for contact centers, their application has been largely limited to containment strategies, which don't always yield positive customer experiences. Tom advocates for a more nuanced use of AI, where virtual assistants and bots are part of a broader strategy to augment human interactions, especially for complex or sensitive inquiries.

Tip 4: Consider workflow automation

There’s a lot of potential of workflow automation in enhancing contact center operations — for example, using AI to send a follow up email to a customer after a conversation. By automating follow-up tasks and record updates, AI can significantly reduce the administrative burden on agents, allowing them to focus more on delivering quality customer interactions.

Tip 5: Don’t neglect the human element in AI implementation

It’s essential to maintain the human element in AI implementation. People still want human interaction in this digital world. AI shouldn’t replace human interactions but rather enhance them, ensuring that contact centers can deliver personalized, empathetic service at moments that truly matter to customers

Tip 6: Prepare culturally and operationally for AI success

The success of AI in contact centers goes beyond just technology implementation. Organizations need to prepare themselves culturally and operationally to maximize AI's benefits, focusing on enhancing efficiencies and delivering real value to customers.

Interested in delving deeper into these insights and exploring the future of AI in customer service? Watch the full conversation in the video below.


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