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Both customers and agents love interacting via chat. It’s fast, convenient, private, familiar, and can boost agent productivity. Oh, and it can make money. Nearly 80% of businesses say that offering live chat has had a positive effect on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

As wonderful as live chat seems, there’s room for improvement. Kayako found that about one-third of consumers are frustrated by scripted responses, and nearly half of businesses admit to delivering a poor live chat experience for their customers.

Customers want live chat. But they also want a human experience: 78% of consumers want more human interaction — not less — as our lives increasingly go digital.

Essentially, they want it all. They want convenience and connection. And companies that deliver on both are providing standout experiences that get results. If you’re offering live chat, you have the convenience. What about connection? How do you add the human touch to web-based chat? That’s where Glance comes in.

Chat + Glance: How does it work?

Using Glance’s Guided CX solutions, your agents can collaborate with your customers – inside your website or app  – right when they need you most. Whether it’s a tricky transaction or an important decision, cobrowsing technology puts agents next to customers, virtually.

With Glance, your website or app stay the same. Your commercially available chat (Salesforce, Genesys) is also the same. Glance Cobrowse is an omnichannel overlay. So whether your customer is connecting via email, phone, web, etc., they have continuity. The only difference for the agent is the orange “Join” button that instantly launches a session from their existing CRM or CCaaS console and join customers online to “Do It Together.”

On the customer side, there’s no download required. All they have to do is accept the prompt to start a cobrowsing session right in the screen they’re in.

Human connections in your website or app get results

Differentiation is getting harder — and more important. The great news is that your customer service is uniquely positioned to connect with people in a way that actually creates differentiating moments. They may just need the right technology that enables them to do it.

Glance provides instant collaboration that empowers agents to deliver tailored customer care. Glance’s customers have reported measurable improvements. Here’s just a few:

  • 20% higher CSAT
  • 13% ratings improvement
  • 18 point lift to tNPS
  • $15 million year-over-year boost from customer loyalty

Better agent experience = better customer experience

We know that a better agent experience means a better customer experience. Agent empowerment supports customer success in many ways, and visual engagement solutions like Glance’s Guided CX offerings are a proven way to support and empower agents.

A Metrigy CX industry analyst found that with visual engagement solutions, companies:

  • Increased revenue 16.5%
  • Lowered costs 7.8%
  • Improved agent efficiency 15.1%

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Create real connections while upholding the highest standards of security

Glance’s Guided CX solutions are engineered to comply with the strictest enterprise information security and privacy requirements.

The moments when customers need help most can often be the most data-sensitive. Perhaps the customer’s social security number is on a form they’re filling out to apply for a mortgage. Or maybe they’re discussing their health history with a healthcare professional.

Some of the world’s leading financial and healthcare organizations trust Glance. Our compliance-friendly solutions help agents join customers where they are, while maintaining their security. It’s time to give your customers a secure standout experience in their preferred support channel — chat. Adding the human touch to web-based chat can delight customers, empower agents, and transform the enterprise. Watch the webinar at Bright Talk to learn more. Or better yet, request a demo to see how Glance can help set your brand apart.

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