AI or humans in CX? 2024 trends report reveals the answer

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New report from Glance provides guidance to enterprises striving for CX excellence

Wakefield, MA, December 13, 2023: Glance, the leader in Guided CXTM software, is excited to announce the release of its 2024 Guided CX trends report. This annual publication includes first-party data and delves into the realm of human-guided customer experiences within digital channels, offering invaluable insights into the future of customer engagement.

The report, AI, Humans, and Customer Experience: 2024 Trends in Guided CX, is a timely resource, providing a comprehensive outlook for 2024 and addressing the pivotal intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and human guidance. It sheds light on consumer preferences and emerging CX trends that transformational leaders need to monitor closely in the coming year.

One of the report's noteworthy findings is the increasing demand for human-guided experiences. Despite the rise of digital customer experience channels, data from 2022-23, compared to the two years prior, shows a remarkable 75% increase in overall Glance sessions. This indicates that while customers have adapted to digital interactions, they still value and actively seek more personal, human support when navigating complex or critical situations.

"Our 2024 Guided CX trends report reveals the growing demand for human-guided experiences. While AI presents exciting advancements, it shines brightest when it complements and enhances the capabilities of human agents,” says Glance CEO Tom Martin.

AI made a huge impact on omnichannel CX in 2023, but many question whether or not it delivered on its promise. In the report, Glance dives into the data and case studies to uncover the real-world impact of AI and help businesses navigate the delicate balance between automation and human interaction.

Glance invites enterprises, digital transformation leaders, industry innovators, and CX enthusiasts to explore the full report, gain insights, and stay ahead of the curve in delivering exceptional customer experiences in 2024 and beyond.

Access the complete report here.

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