Coronavirus/Covid-19 Notice: Glance is open for business and fully operational

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A message from Tom Martin, Glance CEO:

March 16, 2020

As coronavirus continues to spread globally, I thought it appropriate to share an update on Glance’s readiness to meet the challenges posed by the crisis, as well as the measures we are taking to ensure continuity and help our customers succeed in these trying times. 

1. Glance is fully operational and open for business.

As of March 16th, 2020, Glance is operating under a work-from-home policy to support CDC guidance for “social distancing” required to slow the spread of the virus and “flatten the curve” of the outbreak. We expect Glance’s work-from-home status to have zero impact on Glance’s operational capabilities and the normal functioning of the Glance service. Well in advance of today’s crisis, we have built our business to allow all of our staff to work from anywhere. Our systems are set up to support our staff and our customers 100% of the time. Our staff members use cloud-based business services and are equipped with secure remote access technology that allows us to do the job from any location. These same business processes and systems recently earned Glance an ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

2. The Glance service is prepared to support higher-than-usual volumes of digital sharing and collaboration.

As organizations enact policies that encourage their employees to conduct digital meetings instead of face-to-face meetings, some customers have asked us if Glance is prepared to host a higher volume of sharing and collaboration sessions. The answer is, “yes, we are prepared.” It is worth noting that Glance is an enterprise-grade sharing solution with a strong history of scaling to support massive volume. Our clients include high-volume financial and software companies, some of whom routinely “stress-test” their Glance deployments to ensure continuity at much higher loads. Glance is well-prepared for the expected surge. If any existing clients are interested in stress-testing their Glance deployments, please reach out and coordinate this with Glance. If you feel your existing Glance implementation needs to be expanded to address the increasing volume of digital employee and customer touchpoints, please contact any Glance team member or reach out to us via the customer support or contact forms.

We know that this is a hectic time for many of you. Please know that Glance is working hard to help you overcome these challenges.

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