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Although the value of good customer service is clear, not every company places customer service at the center of its business. In fact, according to a recent survey by SocialBakers, out of 37 countries whose question response rate was tracked on Twitter, the US ranks 33rd – nearly at the very bottom.

Yet there are still some companies that rise above the crowd, making it a joy for customers to interact with them. One way to better understand how to improve your own company is by looking at the leaders in customer service. That’s why we’ve started a new program to reward the companies that really get customer service and pioneer the way for the rest of the world. Those elite companies are awarded the Glance Networks Customer Service Award and a spotlight in the Glance Networks blog.

Our first winner is Crutchfield Corporation – a true customer service standout.

Excellent customer service for more than 40 years

From FM radios to smartphone-capable car stereos, Crutchfield has been helping customers pick the right audio electronics for more than 40 years. From the start, Crutchfield founder Bill Crutchfield had a strong instinct to connect with his customers and use their feedback as his compass. That dedication to customers has been carried through to today.

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As it says on the Crutchfield website:

“We give our people the tools and encouragement they need to custom-tailor solutions for their customers and that applies just as much after the sale as it does beforehand. Helping people install and operate their gear is as important as helping them choose it. Service isn’t seen as ‘overhead’ here, it’s all part of the fun we have helping people.” ~ Chris Lilley, Senior Director, Human Resources

The Crutchfield website: great self-service

That Crutchfield emphasizes the importance of complete information and exceptional customer service is clear from the company’s website.

Crutchfield Website - Glance Networks Cobrowsing, Screen Sharing, Agent Video Visual Engagement Solutions

A quick look at any product provides easy access to a variety of topics, including:

  • Overview – A high-level overview of the product, a bulleted list of its highlights, additional ideas about the topic, and similar alternatives for comparison.
  • Reviews – A five-star range of ratings based on such criteria as “coolness”, quality, ease of use, and value. This page also includes text reviews with optional pros/cons lists.
  • Details – A very detailed deep-dive of everything to do with the product. This page includes the owner’s manual, features and specs, product research, compatibility information, and more.
  • Accessories – This is a great chance for the company to broaden customers’ purchase by adding on other related pieces. At the same time, it’s very useful for customers. For instance, this section could provide customers with options for anything from adaptors to tools for installing the item to screen cleaning kits.
  • Q&A – Here you will find questions that customers have asked Crutchfield representatives and the answers they have received.
  • Articles and videos – This section contains both marketing-type videos as well as instructional videos (such as “How to Install a Car Stereo”).

What a great way to start off the customer experience!

Easy to reach a customer service human being

Can’t find what you want on the website? Crutchfield provides a variety of ways to help move from self-service to assisted service.

Customer Service Help Options at Crutchfield - Glance Networks Cobrowsing, Screen Sharing, Agent Video Visual Engagement Solutions

Directly at the top of the company’s website are the customer service phone number, as well as easy access to other means for contacting customer service.

Customer Support from Crutchfield - Glance Networks Cobrowsing, Screen Sharing, Agent Video Visual Engagement Solutions

Simply click on the “Contact Us” option and you will find a variety of options for talking with an agent: phone, chat, call-back, email, video chat, and more. It says a lot about the focus on customer experience that Crutchfield provides its customers with options to utilize whichever channel is best for them – keeping the customer at the heart of its activities.

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Great customer service benefits customers and businesses

The truth of the matter is that 66% of customers are willing to spend more with companies that provide superior customer service. Moreover, 45% of buyers require person-to-person contact. So it makes sense to offer omnichannel customer experience, with easy options to move from self-service to assisted service. Crutchfield gets that, to its and its customers’ benefit. And that makes it a model for all businesses to emulate.

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