Customer Success – Discovering the Missing Piece

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We all know that customer service is challenging to get right. From the customer side of things, we’ve all experienced customer service fails – but what is causing those failures?

We recently commissioned a survey to help discover the answer to that very question.

Here are some pieces of the puzzle:

  • 73 percent of customer service professionals have difficulty meeting their performance metric goals
  • 78 percent of contact center professionals track and are measured against at least one performance metric, such as first contact resolution, average handle time or customer satisfaction score
  • 27 percent of those contact center agents surveyed mentioned dated technology as a hindrance to meeting performance goals

In today’s online environment, it’s more critical than ever to provide customers a personalized and seamless experience. To address this goal, visual engagement technologies like cobrowsing and screen sharing are effective in creating a one-to-one connection between customer service and customers. In fact:

  • 52 percent of customer service agents that worked for companies who had cobrowsing or screen sharing technologies reported better understanding of customer issues 
  • 38 percent of contact center agents stated cobrowsing and screen sharing technologies improved customer satisfaction

Despite the advances in customer service effectiveness, there’s still room for improvement, as 60 percent of respondents claimed that their company did not have cobrowsing or screen sharing technology.

Ready to learn more? Check out and share the infographic below.

Customer Success: Discovering the Missing Piece

Glance Networks Customer Service Infographic - Cobrowsing, Screen Sharing, Agent Video Visual Engagement

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