Does my Team Need Visual Engagement Software?

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Excerpt from “Do I Need Visual Engagement Software? 10 Questions you need to ask.” You can download the full eBook here.

From Apple to Amazon, business leaders are using smart, omnichannel visual engagement software solutions to bring sales, support, and customer interactions to the next level. According to a Forrester Research report, “Companies increasingly leverage visual engagement — video, cobrowsing, screen sharing, and annotations — to cut through the customer conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to connect emotionally.

Cobrowsing, screen sharing, and agent video humanize online sessions and create the ultimate collaborative customer experience. Many organizations have embraced visual engagement as a frictionless way to collaborate with customers. For those that are still evaluating how best to move forward, here are five key questions that can help determine if visual engagement software is right for your business.

Are you conducting a large amount of business online?

Is your online presence central to the way you conduct business? Is your website an essential part of the sales or support process? Do you handle much or all of your onboarding process via the Internet?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to invest in a visual engagement solution! Smart, omnichannel visual engagement creates powerful opportunities to upsell, assist with online billing, help clients fill out online applications, and engage with online customers in a variety of ways that speed operations, boost loyalty, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Are you invested in improving the customer experience?

Visual engagement solutions transform helpless customers into empowered customers by breaking through classic communication barriers. Customers feel more in control when they can quickly understand the processes occurring and instructions being provided by an agent working with them face-to-face.

When content is sensitive, as in the case of healthcare or finance data, agents can humanize the process and connect with customers supportively without gaining access to private personal information. Advanced visual engagement increases trust, reassurance, and confidence for any user working in a personal privacy environment.

Does your industry have evolving standards that need to be explained?

Healthcare, financial services, insurance, and other industries are governed by evolving standards that must be followed without fail. Unfortunately, the requirements can often be confusing.

Personalized assistance is the key to understanding and properly implementing standards and regulations. The visual component is crucial: from showing clients which forms need to be filled out to actually helping them enter data, if necessary. Cobrowsing and screen sharing can transform a frustrating, perhaps nervewracking experience into a streamlined, straightforward one.

Are you working with a complex offering that may confuse your customers?

In many cases, just sending customers to a website is far from adequate. In particular, web interfaces that offer a broad range of options struggle to be clear about which options to pick—and why to pick them.

Visual engagement is unequaled for allowing agents to quickly show clients relevant choices and help them understand what components they may want to add to enhance their solutions. Cobrowsing and screen sharing enable you to demonstrate and highlight offerings your customers might find interesting. With the right visual engagement solutions, there are no downloads, no confusion, no long explanations, and no frustration—just instant clarity. For example, Glance customer, Intuit Turbo Tax, incorporated our visual engagement software solutions and were able to improve their case resolution rate by 10% while seeing an 18% boost to their net promoter score.

Are you in a competitive marketplace where differentiation is crucial?

Most industries struggle with how to stand out from other businesses that provide similar offerings. To gain a competitive edge, leverage customer care as a point of differentiation.

It’s crucial to offer your online customers the equivalent of an outstanding in-store experience. Humanizing online customer interactions adds a collaboration component that individualizes your business, sets you apart from your competition, and encourages customers to come back for more.

Looking for more? We’ve packed more questions and facts into our ebook, “Do I Need Visual Engagement Software? 10 Questions you need to ask.”

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