Glance Named 2017 Technology Software Case Study of the Year by Business Intelligence Group

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We are thrilled to announce that our work with Inuit on its SmartLook experience has awarded us with the Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business and was named the 2017 Technology Software Case Study of the Year.

Launched to reward companies, products, and people that are leading their respective industries, the BIG Award for Business is a testament to our team’s hard work, innovation, and determination for creating the best customer service technology for our customers’ needs. Read our award-winning case study below or check it out here.

Glanced Named 2017 Technology Software Case Study of the Year by Business Intelligence Group

Glance Networks Makes Customer Interactions Less Taxing for Intuit

Faced with the challenge of tax season, an exceptionally high-volume time for the #1 selling tax software TurboTax, Intuit partnered with Glance to create a simple and fluid experience for TurboTax users. With their visual engagement software, Glance provided the key component of Intuit’s SmartLook™ experience – a solution within the software to help customers get a smarter, more personalized experience.

With SmartLook, Turbo Tax agents now have the ability to see what the customer sees and to help direct the customer through one-way video. Considered a “game-changer” for Intuit, agents can visibly draw, annotate and highlight items directly on the user interface to indicate where key elements are located on-screen to address questions or enter information, then clarify how to fill in information during TurboTax’s step-by-step tax preparation process. Without the need for the customer to download an application or Java code on their device, SmartLook allows agents to immediately provide unprecedented levels of collaboration, sharing expertise and crucial answers to keep customers moving successfully through the tax prep process.

By eliminating the game of “20 questions” that often precedes agents and users getting on the same page, the technology empowers a new level of online experience for TurboTax users with SmartLook.

The Award-winning (per Business Intelligence Group) Results

Unlike traditional screen sharing solutions, Glance’s patented cobrowsing technology controls what content is shared. This feature is incredibly important when working with financially sensitive information, such as tax documents. After gaining permission from the customer, experts can instantly view content within the customer’s TurboTax browser window with no lag time. Glance supports any device, mobile or otherwise.

Initially, Intuit rolled out the SmartLook capability to thousands of experts across 15 different locations, conducting more than one million customer interactions with dramatic results. With the use of SmartLook, during the height of the 2017 tax season, Intuit measurably improved its customer resolution rate and boosted its Transactional Net Promotor Score® (tNPS), which measures how likely a customer is to mention a product to a friend. Quite an achievement in a product dedicated to taxes!

TurboTax customer feedback has included comments such as this one: “I spoke with a TurboTax agent. They had me share my screen…Instantly, they could see everything in my TurboTax window and I saw my agent. I got the answer I needed faster and easier than I expected. It was so good I felt like there was a tax angel on my screen.”

In addition to winning being awarded Business Intelligence Group’s Technology Software Case Study of the Year, Salesforce awarded its 2016 Innovation in Service Award to Intuit and Glance for powering this new level of customer interaction for TurboTax users. The Innovation Awards showcase the breadth and depth of cutting-edge solutions emerging through Salesforce’s connected ecosystem. Glance was the only independent software vendor to receive a Service Cloud Innovation Award in 2016.

For more about the SmartLook, check out our case study and video.

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