Has your CX lost its human touch?

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It makes sense that businesses are moving towards digital customer experiences. We’re living in a digital world. But in the process, they've left out a crucial element that customers really crave: the human touch.

Although using a chatbot can speed up responses and get rid of the dreaded hold music, if companies don’t approach this strategy carefully, it might actually create a harmful emotional distance between businesses and their customers. Studies show that when there's no human connection in customer experiences, people end up feeling dissatisfied and disconnected.

“One of the most powerful connections between companies and humans is not functioning, serving as a wake-up call for companies to look hard at existing CX programs that are not providing the emotional or economic life needed in a shift-heavy market.” - Forrester,  The Missing Human Connection 

Some purchases and services are expensive and emotional. Let’s say you’re applying for a home loan. While applying, you have questions. It’s too big of a decision to make guesses. Self-service has failed you, and after a few minutes of searching a knowledge base and chatting with a chatbot, you close out of the tab and try a different lender — because that’s how quick customers are to jump ship and go to a competitor. 

In this scenario, digital CX falls short. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the website looks or how wonderful the application form functions — when you needed human help, it was nowhere to be found.

The solution? Balancing digital CX with human assistance.  

Here’s how that scenario could play out using Guided CX — where a human representative meets customers within the context of their app or screen to provide personal, hands-on support. When you get stuck in the application, instead of spinning around in circles trying to find answers, you notice an option that allows you to be guided through the application process by a mortgage expert. Yippee!

With the click of a button, you can connect to an expert without leaving your screen. And with the help of an advisor visually guiding you through the process, you can complete your loan and get on your way to homeownership.

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How Guided CX bridges the human connection gap

The Guided Customer Experience effectively closes the human connection divide for organizations engaged in selling and supporting intricate products and services. Not only does it eliminate the discomfort, frustration, and obstacles in the digital customer experience, but it also creates new opportunities for revenue generation. 

Guided CX:

  • Removes friction from the digital experience
  • Lends a helping hand to self-service
  • Makes customer support super effective
  • Rapidly transforms platform users to platform experts
  • Adds new value and creates new experiences

Guided CX redefines the customer experience, propelling businesses towards greater success and stronger customer relationships in the digital era.

 Does your CX have a human connection gap? Download our guide to supporting and enhancing your digital CX with human-to-human service by clicking the link below.

Download the eBook: Solving CX’s human connection gap

In this guide, you’ll explore the power of human connection, and learn how Intuit and Constant Contact transformed their customer experience with Guided CX.

Unlock the potential for stronger customer relationships and business growth — your customers will thank you!

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