Shifting from In-store to Online: Customer Service at its Peak

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The online market is expanding exponentially, making it critical to get online customer service right. In fact, from 2013 to 2018, it’s estimated that the online market will grow an astounding 57%. The dollar growth from the actual 2014 figure of $294 billion shows a forecast of $414 billion for 2018. That’s a huge shift from in-store sales to e-retail sales.

How can your business get on this growth in the most effective way possible?

Shifting from In-store to Online- Customer Service at its Peak (1)

Why Is There Such a Big Shift?

The main answer as to why there has been such a quick shift to the online world? Convenience.

Although shopping in-store can be fun, it doesn’t always work out for everyone’s schedules, especially in today’s fast-paced world. It’s hassle-free to purchase things online with the simple click of a button. Why bother as much driving to a physical building to do business?

Increase of online sales

Physical stores are far from dead, but as online sales increase and take a bigger percentage of retailers’ overall sales, you can expect to see fewer stores. Online sales are shooting through the roof. This makes stores operate a little bit differently, especially during the holidays or sale seasons.

According to a new report by Forrester Research, it’s estimated that by next year in 2017, 60% of all U.S. retail sales will involve the Internet in some way, either as a direct e-commerce transaction or on a laptop or some other mobile device. Research also states that 10.3% of total retail sales in the U.S. in five years will be online purchases. This translates to $370 billion in web sales compared to $3.6 trillion in total retail sales.

How can your business benefit?

So what does all this information mean for your business? The smart thing is to shift gears to focus more on online and mobile sales. But how can you beat your competitors at their own game? The short answer is great customer service.

Glance’s online visual engagement customer service solutions such as co-browsing and screen sharing help increase sales, bringing you increased customer loyalty and repeat customers.

Co-browsing and screen sharing offer customers a more appealing way to do business online. For example, visual engagement software allows customer service representatives to be able to share their own screens with customers or view customers’ screens. Thus, agents can highlight important information on a website, walk customers through a complex process, or even help with online ordering, all while masking sensitive information.

Immediately, the customer service experience becomes instant, relevant, personal, and effortless. No longer do agents have to spend twenty minutes simply trying to understand the customers’ questions and issues. Sharing a view takes the customer service experience to an entirely different level.

Co-browsing and screen sharing for customer service

Customers using visual engagement solutions have seen these benefits – and you can too:

  • 60% reduction in time to convert new customers to new products
  • 66% increase in volume of “product reviews” to customers
  • Increased CRM ( use with integrated visual engagement
  • Reduced sales-cost-per-conversion
  • Reduced marketing-cost-per-conversion
  • Reduced associated operational cost
  • 18% increased first call resolution

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