Innovating Guided CX: A path to exceptional experiences

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CEO Tom Martin recently joined CX Today’s Charlie Mitchell for an engaging conversation where they explored the evolving landscape of customer experience (CX). They explored the increasing significance of guided CX, the solutions that are resonating with Glance's customers, and Tom gave a sneak peek into Glance's product roadmap. Keep reading for a synopsis of the conversation, or watch the replay now.

Guided CX for Seamless Customer Interactions

There’s a pivotal moment in a customer's digital journey when human guidance becomes necessary. Guided experiences within this journey can help customers get the right level of help right at their moment of need — whether they’re trying to make a complex purchasing decision, struggling to navigate an online process, or troubleshooting an issue.

It’s important that brands are providing guidance when and where they’re customers need it. That’s where Glance comes in — connecting customers with brands in a collaborative environment for “in-the-moment” experiences. They should feel seamless, which requires careful consideration and proactivity, but results in a better experience for both the customer and the agent.

Recognizing the Need for Human Connection

Tom emphasized that customers today have grown accustomed to digital platforms and are comfortable using video communication tools. As digital use cases become more intricate, the need for human connection and guidance within the customer experience has become paramount.

Glance recognizes this shift and aims to integrate its solutions into broader customer journeys, creating a comprehensive, human-centric experience that exceeds expectations.

Rethinking the Customer Journey

Glance’s use cases are becoming more expansive as we look deeper into the customer journey. As digital has evolved, it’s no longer enough to just put a single channel up for all customer support. Instead, brands need to start rethinking the entire journey — not only seeing how it is now, but asking how they want it to be. Maybe that requires changing the process, or adding new integrations, or making the journey completely different.

“It's not a product feature or price, it's experience. Thinking about the total experience, not just one specific use case, but stitching together all the different touch points that a customer has,” Tom said.

Looking Forward: Glance’s Roadmap and Vision

One of the ways that Glance is digging deeper into CX is through consulting and helping clients to really think about the customer journey and identify opportunities to add value. Instead of just offering our solutions for when a channel fails, we’re partnering with clients to re-imagine what the customer journey could be, Tom said.

Some other considerations guiding the future of Glance include:

  • Mobile platforms will play a significant role in enabling innovative interactions beyond traditional screensharing and co-browsing.
  • Glance is committed to expanding the capabilities of co-browsing to go beyond webpage interactions.
  • Collaboration on diverse document formats, real-time co-editing, and enhanced privacy and security measures are priorities for Glance.

These advancements align with the Glance vision of providing exceptional care and human connection. The future of CX holds exciting prospects, and our commitment to guided CX and innovative solutions puts us at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Watch the Replay: Big CX Update with Glance

Click play below to watch Charlie and Tom’s conversation and gain insights about the evolving role of guided CX in delivering exceptional customer experiences.


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