How to Enhance Your Mobile Customer Experience

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Remember 5-6 years ago when having a great mobile customer experience was optional? Yeah, us too. These days, a mobile experience that’s polished, intuitive, and customer-minded is essentially the bare minimum.

So, if your company has let your mobile experience fall by the wayside – there’s no better time to take a look at how you can enhance it.

Why having a great mobile customer experience matters

Having an average mobile experience is asking for trouble.

Customers have so much choice available to them, they won’t put up with mobile experiences that leave them feeling confused, frustrated, or unable to accomplish what they wanted.

Customers that have negative mobile experiences are 62% less likely to make a future purchase.

On the other hand, mobile customer experiences that are built with a great CX in mind can help win new customers, strengthen existing relationships, and just generally make people happier.

So for businesses that want to win the hearts of customers (and compete on any level), the focus needs to be on creating an excellent mobile experience. Here’s what to look at.

Improving customer support on mobile devices

When you think about enhancing your mobile customer experience, it’s natural to think about your mobile app – how customers will navigate it and how they’ll accomplish what they want to do when they open it.

But the mobile experience extends beyond just your app – it also includes your mobile customer support experience (which can be easily overlooked).

Let’s take a look at the different ways people can reach out to your company via mobile:

  • Live chat. 51% of consumers are more likely to buy again from companies if they offer live chat support. When it’s done right, live chat can give customers a feeling of human connection – like they’re talking to someone who actually cares. It also offers agents historical information on customer purchases and previous communications, preventing repeat questions and leading to a quicker and more effective solution.

  • Texting. According to a survey by Ovum, the top reasons that customers like to use text for customer service are: 1) it’s faster than other channels, 2) it’s more convenient than calling a customer service center, 3) it’s less frustrating than placing a call to the company and 4) it allows them to request for the company to call or text them back.

  • Social media. The most important thing about customer service on this channel is offering a quick response. 42% of consumers expect to hear back within an hour. In fact, speed is crucial on social, with customers being twice as likely to recommend a brand whose response was quick but ineffective over a brand that provided them with a slow but effective response.

Empowering customers with mobile self-service support

Some customers try to find the answer to their question themselves before reaching out to a customer service agent. They prefer to be able to help themselves than to spend the time and effort to contact someone else. And the easier you can make it for them to find those answers, the better the digital customer experience they’ll have.

Even with the latest jumbo-screen “Pro Plus Max” device that skirts the threshold between “small television” and “mobile phone”, UX can be a challenge when it comes to users searching for FAQs, photos, pricing, product descriptions and other essential information.

Making sure that people have a frictionless self-service experience is key to enhancing the overall mobile customer experience. Otherwise, you run a risk of losing customers to brands who have seriously prioritized mobile optimization. Be sure to:

  • Ensure that navigation is simple and clear – whether that’s in-app or on your mobile landing page.
  • Allow images to load quickly by decreasing the file size instead of displaying distorted, cropped or resized images.
  • Align the mobile experience with your customer journey – identify touchpoints and potential obstacles, and offer support whenever and wherever a customer may need it. (One way to do this: Glance’s in-app guidance)

Build your mobile app around your customers

When they’re built with the user in mind, an app experience can be a beautiful thing.

With a swipe of a thumb, your customer should be able to accomplish just about anything that they’d want to. Mobile apps are also ideal for collecting important marketing data from the customer based on location, purchase history and demographics so that they can aim their marketing more strategically to enhance customer experience.

However, just having a mobile app isn’t enough – a really great app experience is built on customer feedback. You’ll want to give them every opportunity to weigh in on what they want from a mobile app. 

And this doesn’t need to be limited to a survey – normalize having conversations with your customers! People are more than happy to tell you what months of market research – you’ve just got to ask and make those connections happen.

Thinking about the mobile experience of the future

There’s always something new around the corner, right? That’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on emerging trends when it comes to mobile CX. If you’re planning a mobile experience revamp, you don’t want to invest money and time only to be behind the curve a few months later.

Luckily, the trends of tomorrow are setting in roots today. Things like:

  • Smaller, lighter apps: For purpose-built experiences on mobile devices that don’t involve downloading yet another app – Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are quickly becoming more commonplace. They aim to deliver an app-like polished experience, all from within the browser.

  • More mobile payments. Fast, convenient, secure – mobile payments are on the rise. If your mobile experience isn’t conducive to easy transactions, this could be a focus area as consumer expectations will likely only grow here.

  • More human connection. When everything is so optimized and tailored and targeted, interacting with brands today can feel a bit robotic. That’s why bringing the human back into brand engagements is so important. Creating those memorable human-to-human moments of connection is what it’s all about – it’s what building brand loyalty and customer satisfaction is made of.

A new kind of digital customer experience

Want to know more about how to create a truly user-centric mobile customer experience? Check out the guiding principles used by the world’s best apps.

And if you want to see exactly how your support team can kindle human connection and offer guidance right from within your app, check out Glance’s mobile app share solution. Your agents can share their screen, cobrowse with customers, and even have face-to-face conversations – all in-app. And yes, it’s every bit as cool as it sounds.

Book a quick demo here, we’d love to show you exactly how it works.





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