Revolutionize your customer retention strategy with in-app support

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User engagement and retention are the biggest challenges app marketers face today. Nearly half of all apps are uninstalled within the first month after being downloaded, with “not in use” being the top reason.

There’s a powerful way to increase app user retention, and not enough apps are taking advantage of it yet. The secret? In-app user support.

Before we get into the “how,” let’s talk about the “what,” and break down what’s meant by in-app support.

What’s in-app support?

In-app support eliminates frustration by giving help right within the app, providing a seamless customer service experience that creates parity between in-app and web-based CX.

Many apps have clunky support experiences that take users out of the app to access the help they need. Navigating back and forth between apps can create a lot of frustration, and with hundreds of new apps introduced in the App Store and Google Play every day, it doesn’t take much for a user to abandon ship.

In-app support offers assistance right within the app itself, without requiring users to exit to another app or download anything new. In-app support can include:

  • In-app FAQ and searchable knowledge base articles to self-solve issues
  • In-app messaging for non-urgent questions or offering app feedback
  • In-app live chat and/or video chat for convenient, immediate, human support
  • In-app mobile screen share and cobrowse

These kinds of in-app support vehicles have been proven successful on the web, and it’s time for apps to catch up. In-app support is the evolution mobile CX needs. Meeting customers’ needs in-the-moment and in context has substantial benefits, including the elusive goal of boosting app user retention.

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How does in-app support boost user retention?

Customer retention is one of the biggest benefits of quality CX. Nearly 90% of customers are more likely to complete an additional purchase following a good customer service experience, and over 60% say they’ve left one brand for another because of bad customer service.

Give them a great experience, and they’ll keep coming back to your app. Give them a clunky and frustrating experience, and they’re more likely to go elsewhere.

So, what is a great experience? A great customer service interaction is personal, quick, and accessible. It takes minimal effort from the customer/user and their questions are answered thoroughly. And human interaction is also a key element: 75% of customers are craving it, and without it, more than half of them will rate their experience as poor.

Offering Mobile App Share at critical moments can be a game-changer

It’s important to understand when, where, and why users are dropping off your app. These key moments are opportunities to turn frustrated app users into raving fans using Mobile App Share.

Glance Mobile App Share combines two-way live video chat with mobile screen sharing capabilities. Your representative is able to follow along as the user navigates the app, helping guide them and solve issues. Moments of friction become moments of connection and engagement, which can be a real game-changer in improving your user retention.

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