Top Three 2017 Customer Experience Trends You Need to Know

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Customer experience trends change from year to year.

It’s true that annual prognostications about what the year ahead has in store can be as futile as guessing the World Series champions next fall (of course, we’re rooting for the Red Sox). Blind forecasting of trends will most certainly set oneself up for predictable failure.

At the same time, it is certainly more than possible to take an educated guess based on trends that are already making themselves apparent. So let’s take the plunge!

Top Three 2017 Customer Experience Trends You Need to Know - Glance Networks Cobrowse

From my point of view, here are the top three customer experience trends that seem most likely to materialize in a meaningful way.

1. Information-heavy tasks bolster desktop-only Internet usage

Without doubt, mobile dominates nearly all facets of Internet life. However, mobile has significant limitations when it comes to complex applications.

For example, completing taxes or signing up for insurance can be difficult to accomplish via a mobile device. Yet customers need to be able to easily accomplish these kinds of transactions. Thus, mobile becomes more of a challenge, even for the most optimized website.

This is the year that customer experience innovation will result in real-life usability. As a result, customers will gain the confidence that, while they can do a great deal via self-service, help will be there when they need it – even if they’re using a mobile device.

2. Investment in technology is poised to expand

Signs point to expanded investment in capital projects that have been put on the backburner for far too long. This extends to industries that have postponed forklift upgrades to their technology infrastructure – both front-end and back-end.

With cloud adoption and SaaS models imparting cost control and greater efficiency, companies will look for ways to blend intelligence in their CRM (like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics) to orchestrate closer relationships with their customers.

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3. Companies remember their customers

Metrics, Big Data, and analytics have abstracted how a company treats its customers by automating and mapping a journey from prospect to loyal brand advocate. Now companies will take that data and use it to improve and personalize the customer experience even further.

Customer service teams will embrace their role as accessible guides for peripatetic users. In parallel, executive philosophy will turn more positive, viewing customer service as an opportunity to win a customer and foster a positive relation, rather than simply as a means to solve problems and reduce handle time.

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These customer experience trends are not just fads

The year ahead is fraught with many unknowns, like many years before it. Yet it is clear that customer experience is becoming increasing central to business success.

At Glance, we look forward to the opportunity to grow from what we’ve learned in the past and set the stage for helping companies strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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