What we’re thankful for: learning from CX visionaries and market insights

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At Glance, we believe that continuous learning and collaboration are essential elements of growth and innovation. As we reflect on the past year, we can't help but express our gratitude for the valuable insights we've gained from discussions with CX industry leaders and the recognition we've received in market studies. In this blog post, we want to share some of the highlights from these experiences.

Insights from discussions with CX industry thought leaders

CXChronicles podcast: the four CX pillars

Tom Martin, CEO joined host Adrian Brady Cesana on the CXChronicles podcast. They delved into the four fundamental pillars every business needs to transform CX: Team, Tools, Process, and Feedback. This conversation provided a solid foundation for an exploration of CX in the digital age.

Listen to the podcast here

Navigating the Customer Experience podcast: creating authentic human connections in a digital world

Tom and host Yanique Grant dove deep into the world of technology, customer experience, and empathy and shared valuable insights on how technology can help foster empathy, enhance customer experiences, and streamline business processes.

Listen to the podcast here

Amazing Business Radio Show: balancing technology and the human touch

We had the pleasure of joining Shep Hyken on the Amazing Business Radio Show, where Tom and renowned customer service and CX expert Shep Hyken discussed the delicate balance between technology and the human touch in customer experience. This conversation illuminated the importance of finding harmony between automation and human interaction in today's CX landscape.

Listen to the podcast here

Recognition in market studies

We’re also incredibly grateful to have been recognized in three significant market studies moving the industry forward.

1. Gartner Market Guide for Digital Customer Service and Support

The Gartner Market Guide for Digital Customer Service and Support reaffirmed the critical role Guided CX plays in the future of digital customer experiences. According to the report, “Digital customer service offerings focus on seamless conversation orchestration across digital channels complementing, or in some cases replacing, traditional customer service platforms.”

Read the market study

2. Gartner Hype Cycle for Customer Service and Support Technologies 2023

According to this 2023 report, generative AI, digital customer service, and conversational user interfaces (CUIs) will transform customer service and support by 2028. We’re honored to have been mentioned as a Sample Vendor in the report, which showcases how digital customer service will transform customer experience outcomes by providing a seamless customer experience.

Learn more in our press release

3. Contact Center of 2030 Market Study

CCW Digital recently conducted exclusive research into the current and future state of the contact center, which Glance was proud to co-sponsor. The study generated some findings that paint a vivid picture of what’s to come, for example:

  • 78% of leaders believe the contact center will go beyond service to handle most customer-facing communication.
  • More than 60% of leaders believe agents will only be responsible for highly complex or personal matters by 2030.
  • “Agents will transition to providing consultative support for customers and issues whose needs are too complex or unpredictable for even the most advanced automation.”

Read the market study

As we express our gratitude for these enriching experiences and recognitions, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of customer experience. The insights we've gained from industry leaders and market studies continue to inspire us to innovate, adapt, and create authentic human connections in a digital world.

Thank you to all our partners, collaborators, and customers who have been part of this incredible journey. We look forward to an even more exciting and transformative future in the CX landscape.

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