Revitalizing visual engagement for maximum impact

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Visual engagement solutions are being implemented by companies across every industry to break through classic communication barriers and provide the empowering service today’s consumers want.

Let’s take a look at what visual engagement is, why it’s important in today’s market, and the benefits it offers businesses. We’ll also dive into ways to refresh your visual engagement for maximum impact.

What is visual engagement?

Visual engagement involves using technologies like cobrowsing, screen sharing, and one-way agent video to humanize online customer interactions. These advanced tools make one-on-one, real-time customer sessions interactive and enable agents to provide better support that improves the customer experience.

Why is visual engagement important?

While voice and chat are great ways to communicate with customers, adding visual tools brings personalization and understanding to the conversation. With video, you can add a smiling or sympathetic face. With cobrowsing and screen sharing, you can add a shared online view, even though both participants in the conversation are in different locations.

According to a Forrester report, visual engagement solutions allow users to “cut through the conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to connect emotionally.”

The current social and economic climate has consumers living in an era of uncertainty. Brands that deliver personalized experiences that help address consumers’ need for meaningful connection and trust will rise to the top. Customers feel more in control when they can quickly understand the processes occurring and instructions being provided by an agent working alongside them.

This is especially true when content is sensitive, as in the case of healthcare or finance data. Advanced visual engagement solutions increase trust, reassurance, and confidence in these sensitive environments.

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What are the benefits of visual engagement?

Smart, omnichannel visual engagement solutions bring sales, support, and customer interactions to the next level. Using visual engagement software can:

  • Reduce customer and agent effort
  • De-escalate otherwise stressful or frustrating situations
  • Improve first call resolution
  • Reduce call-backs by teaching customers how to handle certain tasks
  • Improve customer engagement metrics

Industry leaders who use Glance’s guided CX solutions are yielding strong results to the tune of reduced handling times, fewer future support calls, increase in first call resolution, and lower sign-up time for new products.

How to refresh visual engagement for maximum impact

There are few things in business that are “set it and forget it” — and visual engagement is no exception. It’s a good idea to periodically assess your CX tools and strategies, making adjustments to maximize your impact.

Need a refresh? Here are some things to consider.

Ensure you’re using visual engagement at the right moments

Today’s consumers don’t want to go looking for help — they expect you to be there when and where needed. This could include:

  • Key moments of decision
  • Major purchases
  • Confusing, emotional, or highly personal transactions (typical in healthcare and finance)

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Where would having a genuine, human connection have the greatest impact? Are you missing any opportunities to provide an exceptional customer experience through visual engagement?

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Consider when and where visual engagement can help your customers and your employees

This year, there’s a greater emphasis on the employee experience. (You can read more about this and other customer service management trends here.)

We know that happy employees make for happy customers. We also know that people get into customer service because they genuinely enjoy helping people. When you give them the right tools to do just that, you’ll succeed on all fronts.

When assessing when and where to employ visual engagement, consider not only when it would most benefit the customer, but also when it would most benefit the agent. Perhaps there’s a time when a cobrowse session could make it easier for them to guide customers. Or a screen share could enable them to more easily explain something tricky. Equipping your agents with the technology they need to succeed can help everyone.

The lines between the customer experience and the employee experience are getting more blurred, and visual engagement can help both parties feel better seen and understood.

Listen to customer feedback

It’s easy to focus on metrics like CSAT and NPS, but don’t forget about the value of open feedback. Collecting customer feedback through your surveys can give you valuable insights to help you determine opportunities for improvement.

Learn how to make every interaction count

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