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How Constant Contact transforms service centers with Glance

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How Constant Contact uses Glance

Constant Contact, a SaaS-based email marketing solution company, has always placed a high value on customer care. They recognize that happy and successful customers are loyal customers, and that each touch point provides an opportunity to deepen the customer relationship.

Constant Contact has used Glance since 2005. Customer support agents can launch a sharing session with one click, view the customer’s screen, instantly understand the problem, and guide them to a speedy solution. Glance sessions are proven to drive measurably higher First Call Resolution (FCR) and higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

In 2016, Constant Contact began an initiative to take advantage of these high CSAT moments. They realized that customer support calls with a positive outcome  and the resultant spike in CSAT  represented a perfect opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell related products and services to happy customers. Agent KPIs now include recommending up-sell options, acceptance rate, and revenue contribution.

A multi-pronged approach

To breathe life into this initiative, Constant Contact embarked on a comprehensive strategy that incorporated in-depth training combined with innovative technology.  The company’s service agents were taught to identify which customer interactions were, indeed, sales opportunities and, of those, which were appropriate for up-selling products and consulting services.

Along with its focus on training and data analytics, Constant Contact understood it needed to implement robust technology that would enable its agents to elevate the level of personal service they could deliver.  Delivering exceptional service leads to the “high-CSAT moments” to which Kenny refers.  These are perfect moments for up-selling.  The company consulted its long-time partner and industry leader in visual engagement solutions, Massachusetts-based Glance Networks.  The idea was to understand how Glance can help Constant Contact leverage its co-browse and screen share capabilities — which have demonstrably increased its CSAT scores — to convert customer touch points into revenue opportunities. 


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Set your digital customer experience apart from the rest with Glance Guided CX.