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Published is an online marketplace that matches up shippers with truckers looking to transport loads.

Reducing AHT & Improving CSAT deployed Glance and experienced reduced Average Handle Time and improved customer satisfaction in the service and training center. service agents were routinely playing “The Game of 20 Questions” with callers — asking question after question, trying to  figure out where in the app callers needed assistance and what, exactly, was the nature of their call. deployed Glance, which allows agents to see the browser screen of the subscriber, quickly giving the agent the visual context of the situation. Agents can then use Glance to highlight items on the page to guide the subscriber to a speedy resolution.

Glance + Salesforce

“The Glance integration with Salesforce gives us a frictionless experience,” says Dawn Painton,’s Customer Support Director. “It is simple, lightweight, and fast for both the agent and the subscriber.” Glance sessions are automatically logged in Salesforce, so management can run reports to see the impact of sharing sessions on KPIs such as handle time and case resolution.

Glance is also used by trainers to onboard new subscribers. trainers can cobrowse with subscribers, view their screen, highlight navigation items, and give them a guided tour of the marketplace.’s service calls are now shorter and easier. agents are happier, as well. Dozens of  support agents have posted positive reviews of Glance on the Salesforce AppExchange. 


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Set your digital customer experience apart from the rest with Glance Guided CX.


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Set your digital customer experience apart from the rest with Glance Guided CX.