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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Add Glance to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Glance for Microsoft Dynamics brings world-class Guided CX and Glance’s 1-click connect to Dynamics 365 Sales and Service to extend Microsoft’s omnichannel capabilities. Dynamics users build deeper trust with their customers, solve their problems faster, train them more effectively, support their transactions more easily, and advise and counsel them more personally by adding the power of human connections to their digital customer journeys. 


Unlock the power of Guided CX in Microsoft Dynamics 365


Frictionless Customer Engagement

Glance 1-click connect lets representatives launch a Glance session with one mouse-click from within Dynamics 365 Sales and Service to extend Microsoft’s omnichannel capabilities. With Glance, your customers never need to download, install, log in, or share personal information to experience elegant, frictionless human-to-human customer engagement in digital spaces.


See, Understand, Guide

Once launched, representatives can see the browser or app screen of the customer to instantly meet the customer where they are in their journey. They can highlight on-screen content, guide customer navigation, assist with online processes, and securely share documents during support, onboarding, or training interactions.


Advise, Sell Transact

Personalize the customer journey for human-guided selling, expert advice, and high-value transactions. Customer-facing employees, brand ambassadors, or third-party providers can instantly cobrowse on a webpage or mobile app, show their screen to the customer, and even engage over video — perfect for delivering in-the-moment sales presentations, demos, or virtual advisory sessions. You can even use Glance for remote troubleshooting, diagnosis, or visual verification.


Humanize Digital Engagement

A friendly face can make a huge difference when interacting with customers. Representatives can turn on video during a Glance session, invite customers to turn on their video (if they wish), or even bring multiple people into the Glance session as needed. Build trust, diffuse tension, and improve customer satisfaction scores with Glance Video.


Measure the Impact

Prove the ROI of humanizing digital customer experiences with Guided CX. Glance automatically records metadata for every Glance session launched from Dynamics. Glance session data can be used in any KPI dashboard or report within Dynamics or exported to BI and reporting tools. This metadata helps you see how Glance improves case resolution, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue, and more.


Maintain Security & Compliance

Enterprises trust Glance to meet security and privacy requirements. Our patented, proven technology prevents sensitive data from leaving the customers’ browser or app, blocks it from representatives’ view, and prevents sharing of unapproved content. SSO and SAML functionality is included in the Glance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for compliance with internal IT protocols.


Questions about integrating Glance?

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