2017 Reflection: A Transformative Year for Visual Engagement

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In looking back at 2017, as I do every year, all I can say is wow, we’re seeing the culmination of a lot of work that has transformed the landscape of customer success through collaborative visual engagement!

Through a year-long string of new customer wins, technology upgrades, and endorsements, our Glance team has established itself as the go-to visual engagement solution for enterprises, while achieving sustainable growth for our company. In fact, this past year has seen a 93 percent growth in enterprise customer revenue based on industries ranging from education to healthcare to financial services. We’ve experienced strong international growth in countries such as Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.

This year we really took the lead in bringing advanced cobrowsing, screen sharing, and one-way agent video to a spectrum of companies.  We’ve had a role in improving customer satisfaction, long-term customer loyalty, and revenue growth for a range of great businesses. We received a lot of feedback. Great experiences in sales, support, and customer service come from seeing, showing, and sharing online with clients, wherever they are on any device. In fact, as I look toward next year, I believe our continuing mobile development will be a big part of expanding that vision further. For 2018 we’re working on several new partnerships that will have a big impact on what mobile contact centers will look like in the future.

2017 Reflection: A Transformative Year for Visual Engagement

It’s Not About the Tech

I think one thing we’ve learned about ourselves is that we are not selling “technology.” What we delivering impactful business outcomes that truly create material value for our customers.  Our core strategy is to intently focus on outcomes—from the experiences customers have to the financial impact we create for their business, to the continuing evolution of employee satisfaction, happiness, and retention. We focus on these three buckets a lot!

We’re one of the companies that are going to “get you there,” with predictable and repeatable results.

Intuit Made Tax Prep Less Taxing

For example, TurboTax maker Intuit made Glance technology a key part of its SmartLook™ facility that helps customers have a smarter, personalized experience. During the height of the 2017 tax season, Intuit measurably improved its customer resolution rate and boosted its Transactional Net Promoter Score, which measures how likely a customer is to mention a product to a friend or colleague.

This is the kind of great result we are seeing at customer after customer. We are in the business of helping companies guide their customers through to the resolution of their issues. We let customer-facing teams skip the “twenty questions” game and get to the heart of the matter—collaborating to resolve issues and generate a new level of customer satisfaction.

Forrester Saw the Value in Visual Engagement

Back in May, Forrester Research highlighted the need for visual engagement in a report titled, “Visual Engagement Drives Relationships and Revenue for Customer Service.” Citing a shift to the availability of web-enabled devices by most of the buying public, Forrester recommended organizations evaluate vendors like Glance. With embedded cameras in their devices and connection speeds more than 20 percent faster than 2016, consumers are ready and equipped for high-quality visual interactions. Forrester urged companies to “investigate product offerings from companies like…Glance Networks…to understand the range of visual engagement solutions they provide and how they can tie into existing service processes.”

Salesforce.com and Dreamforce Stood Out

With around 130 reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange, Glance now rates 4.9 out of 5 stars. In 2017 we broadened our capabilities and became tightly integrated with Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Communities, and had a great chance to meet and mix with hundreds of Salesforce users at Dreamforce 2017. In his keynote, Marc Benioff listed Salesforce’s core values of trust, innovation, and equality, which correspond perfectly with the kind of change we want to be a part of.

Glance Embraced Microsoft Dynamics 365

In June, Glance unveiled Glance for Microsoft Dynamics 365, an application designed to help customers empower their customer service, support, and sales representatives. The add-on makes it simple for agents to launch seamless collaborative sessions within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact form in the middle of a conversation, adding another layer to a suite of products focused on the customer. The app fits seamlessly into our existing capabilities.

Bots Boosted Awareness

AI and bots have been hot this year, which is exciting to see. It puts a brighter spotlight on the importance of visual engagement. While AI and bots deal with the low hanging fruit, interactions that are complex, technical, or collaborative call for an experience that differentiates the business through human energy. Human contact builds positive, value-based relationships that customers crave. This is where we saw dramatic measurable results in 2017 and will continue to do so in the exciting years to come.

And We Wish You Happy Holidays…

…and a Prosperous New Year!

As we fly headlong into 2018, we look forward to the new ways we can help shape successful customer interactions by advancing the field of visual engagement. Our team members and new capabilities have already made us “the company that’s going to get you there” in transforming the ways in which customer collaboration happens. Humanizing online communication through easy-to-use visual collaboration is our mission in life! We love being on the cutting edge of creating online customer experiences that are actually relevant, effortless conversations.

And we look forward to more engagement with you in 2018!


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