27 Famous Customer Service Quotes You Need to Know

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This guest post about customer service quotes is from Salesforce, a Glance partner.

At work, many of us gather in common spaces and share insights, funny jokes, or discussions about current events. You might also even toss in a well-known quote here and there. But how many customer service quotes about work do you know—and do you know the stories behind them?

The original owners of Marshall Field’s, for example, famously said that the customer is always right. However, they were also responsible for testaments about honesty and giving customers what they want. The point is, their quotes recognize that the people who spend money on a product or service drive the success of any business.

Other quotes by famous business people spoke volumes about the balance of creating a noticeable, remarkable experience that’s driven by respect and courtesy. For example, it’s important to think about what you do with goodwill or how to dole out courtesy (hint: don’t be stingy).

More recent business leaders have also had insights into how customers can transform a business. For instance, think about customers like guests at a party or figure out how to productively address complaints.

Customer service quotes from business leaders

Whatever the business or the origination of the quote, the insights that others share can be helpful tools. They can help you capitalize on others experiences to build a brand that’s recognizable for how well it treats its customers. That, in turn, breeds loyalty inside and outside of the organization.

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