Cobrowse and Screen Share: Are You Ready to Get On Board?

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From Apple to Amazon, business leaders are using visual engagement solutions to bring sales, support, and customer experience to the next level. Solutions that integrate screen sharing, co-browsing, agent video, and more enable businesses to humanize the online experience in order to create stronger, deeper customer relationships.

While some organizations have already embraced visual engagement, others are still evaluating how best to move forward. Here are eight critical questions to ask yourself in order to understand whether visual engagement is right for your business.

If you answer “yes” to any one of these, it’s time to seriously consider adding cobrowse, screen share, and agent video to your customer relations toolkit.

1. Are you conducting a large amount of business online?

The first step is to assess the way in which the majority of your business is handled. Is your online presence central to the way in which you conduct business? Is your website an essential part of the sales or support process? Do you handle much or all of your onboarding process via the Internet?

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If any of these situations describe your business, investing in a visual engagement solution is a no brainer. Whether you want to improve opportunities to upsell, assist with online billing, help clients fill out online applications, or engage with online customers on a regular basis, visual engagement solutions increase your chances of success, speed operations, and cause customer satisfaction to skyrocket.

2. Are you invested in improving customer experience?

Innovative organizations use technologies like click-to-call, chat, CRM, analytics, ecommerce, and more. Are you prepared to leverage and improve those existing customer interface technologies? Then you are ready to add visual engagement as the next logical component in customer experience journey.

By removing communication barriers, integrated cobrowse, screen share and agent video solutions transform helpless customers into empowered customers. Customers feel more in control as they quickly understand the processes occurring and instructions being provided by a real agent, working with them face-to-face.

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Moreover, sometimes content is sensitive, like in the case of healthcare or finance. When agents can be there to humanize the process, they can connect with customers on an emotional level. The end result is increased trust, reassurance, and confidence.

Content is critical, but sometimes the most important thing to share is you.

3. Do you and your clients have to deal with evolving standards that may need to be explained?

Healthcare, financial services, insurance, and more – they all have evolving standards that absolutely must be followed. At the same time, those requirements can often be confusing.

Providing personalized assistance is key to ensuring that standards and regulations are both understood and implemented properly. When you can show clients the exact forms that need to be filled out – and even how to fill them out if necessary – what was once a frustrating and nerve-wracking experience can instantly be transformed into a streamlined, straightforward one.

4. Are you working with a complex offering that may confuse your customers?

Sometimes simply sending customers to a website isn’t enough. For instance, SAAS or Telco companies may offer a broad range of options. It may not immediately be clear to customers which options to pick or why they should select them.

You need a way to quickly show clients the options available, as well as help them understand what additional services they may want to add in order to enhance their solutions. This is where visual engagement shines.

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With screen sharing and cobrowsing in your toolkit, you can instantly demonstrate and highlight the offerings your customers might be interested in.

No confusion. No long explanations. No frustration. Just instant clarity.

5. Are you in a competitive marketplace where you need to differentiate yourself?

Do you find yourself contending with other businesses that provide similar offerings? Are you an online retail or ecommerce organization that’s playing in a saturated market? Are you a travel or hospitality company that needs to gain a competitive edge?

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If you’re in this situation, it’s time to leverage customer care as a point of differentiation. Imagine offering your customers the equivalent of an outstanding in-store experience – online. Humanization and personalization are a powerful combination that will help you stand out from the competition and ensure your customers come back for more.

6. Are calls and chat sessions long and not terribly effective?

Do your agents ever hear customers saying, “If you could just see what I’m looking at!” Perhaps you find yourself thinking, “I don’t understand what you’re seeing. Maybe a screenshot would help?”

These are points of frustrations for both agents and customers. But today you can bridge the visual gap by providing a frictionless, interactive view of online content, wherever it resides. That way you can promote the most effective and streamlined online experience within any stage of the customer lifecycle (sales, training, services, etc.).

If customers can use screen share and cobrowse to see what you’re talking about, and vice versa, you can shorten call duration and time to resolution, while being more effective overall.

7. Do your customers frequently call back with the same questions?

First call resolution is the ultimate goal for any company. At the same time, this frequently is an extremely difficult objective to achieve.

Companies are deploying visual engagement solutions to provide a higher quality client interaction so businesses can teach customers how to do things in less time, improve the customer engagement, and transfer more high quality knowledge – all in one fell swoop.

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Looking for some real life stats? By using an integrated co-browsing and screen sharing solution, some businesses have seen:

  • 18% improvement in first call resolution
  • 14% reduction in call handling times
  • 10% reduction in total support calls

Boom! Instant ROI achieved.

8. Do you have a company mandate to improve self-service?

It’s the real life personification of that classic saying: give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat forever.

If agents do everything for customers, customers will never become self-reliant. For example, rather than encouraging them to go online, one utility company has many of its customers speak to an agent each month to simply pay bills.

Now imagine those same clients contact that utility company, but the agents use tools like screen sharing and co-browsing to get them logged in online and guide the customers through the bill paying process. The customers drive, filling out the forms themselves with help when necessary.

Once these clients understand how to solve their own problems, that knowledge stays with them. And the next time, when they need to pay their bills, these customers will know how to self-serve online without the need of an agent.

That’s better for the business and more satisfying for the customers. It’s a win-win situation.

9. Do you love the concept of visual engagement but are convinced from past experience that it just doesn’t work?

You work for a cutting-edge company. A few years ago, you tried technology like co-browsing and screen sharing and were frustrated with downloads, lack of scalability and security. But you love the concept of bringing face-to-face, humanized sales and services to the online world.

Now’s your chance to make that dream a reality! Both customer expectations and technology have dramatically changed over the past few years.

Customers are now demanding a more personalized experience. In fact, personalization is quickly moving from a competitive differentiator to an absolute requirement.

In addition, many of today’s visual engagement solutions are scalable, highly secure, and simple to use. The most advanced solutions don’t require a download and can seamlessly combine co-browse, screen sharing, device sharing , agent video, and more to create a streamlined experience that will wow your customers.

The most powerful visual engagement solutions can be integrated into companies’ websites and the agent desktop, while tracking metrics to capture ROI. Furthermore, they are easy to implement and simple to use.

10. Have you decided you’re ready to add cobrowse and screen share solutions to your online communications toolset?

What are you waiting for? The time to invest in an integrated visual engagement solution is today!

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