5 Face-On-Keyboard Moments All SaaS Customer Support Agents Can Relate To

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There’s no doubt that Customer Support is a noble profession. The entire goal of SaaS Customer Support is helping people be successful, teaching them new skills, and solving their problems. When confused customers reach out with problems they can’t figure out, it feels great to turn things around and send them back with a smile.

But just because Customer Service is a noble profession doesn’t mean that all the noble people supporting their customers don’t have moments of pure rage. Why do you think they put mute buttons on desk phones?

5 Face-On-Keyboard Moments All SaaS Customer Support Agents Can Relate To

If you’ve worked in SaaS Customer Support, here are some scenarios you have probably dealt with more times than you would like. We feel your pain, and we salute you.

1. The customer hit a bug that can’t be fixed for a while

“Yes, we are aware of the issue and we are working on it. It will be fixed soon.”


Sometimes there’s just one little issue with your product that’s enough to cause problems for just a few users, but not enough to prioritize beyond the next big release. That means SaaS Customer Support agents might get the same phone call about the same problem with no other choice but to give the same disappointing response. If you’re lucky there might be a workaround, but sometimes there is no satisfying fix that you can provide.

Nobody likes to deliver bad news. Even fewer people like to deliver bad news multiple times every day.

Let your customers know you hear their pain and that you know the issue will be fixed eventually. Sometimes a bit of sympathy and honesty goes a long way.

2. The customer has a basic problem that should not be happening, ever

“Can you describe what’s happening one more time please? And you did everything I listed? And no change? …Are you sure?”


Look, technology never lies, but sometimes it feels like apps are just messing with you.

Some customers call up describing a problem that makes no sense and has no precedent. You’re racking your brain thinking of all the potential settings and configurations that could throw that symptom, but all the boxes are checked. If you don’t use a visual engagement solution, it’s even worse because there’s no way for you to see what’s happening on your customers’ screens.

What is going on?

That moment of defeat is just crushing. You have to put other items on hold so you can do some research, ask some coworkers what’s going on, and reach out to the customer later to see if other suggestions work.

Sometimes it helps to take a break and come back to the issue a little later. Give your brain some time to think it through and you will have a better chance of finding the heart of the issue.

Which leads us to…

3. All you needed to do to fix the issue was one stupid little thing that you should have thought of beforehand.

“OH! You’re blocking pop-ups. Okay…”


Customers come in all different shapes, sizes, and technological skill levels. Just because some customers understand the basics to get started doesn’t mean that everyone will.

As humans, we tend to overlook about stuff we don’t interact with very often. We assume that other people know what we know because it’s obvious to us. These mental shortcuts make it easier for us to make quick decisions.

At the same time, both customers and technology need an explicit path to success. Otherwise they stop dead in their tracks.

Take a moment to think of things from the customers’ points of view. What is clear to one person might be confusing to another.

Although, sometimes the problem is just that…

4. The customer is not as tech-savvy as you might like

“If you click on the Start button… and then go to Programs… look for the blue E…”


Technology has completely changed the world and sent us into a modern revolution of knowledge, productivity, relationships, artistry and power. If you work in SaaS Customer Support, you understand this. It’s a marvelous world of possibility.

At the same time, if you work in the world of technology, you also might forget that not everyone else is a part of that world.

It’s understandable that there are parts about using a computer that are hard to understand or pick up, especially if they are brand new and different to what you have seen before. It totally makes sense to have trouble grasping how to use a brand new product.

And although it might feel frustrating, remember that there are those who can’t distinguish a search bar from an address bar. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Have patience. Getting frustrated won’t help you or your customer.

And the challenge is deepened when…

5. The customer can’t describe the problem accurately

“Can you tell me what you mean when you say, ‘it’s broken?’”


When I call up a mechanic and start describing some weird sound I’m hearing in my car, it doesn’t take long before they just tell me, “Yeah why don’t you bring it in and I’ll take a look at it.” It’s pretty obvious that they’re not going to be able to diagnose the issue by my description alone.

Unfortunately, a lot of support calls in technology are blind troubleshooting. Our knowledge as support reps is usually limited to what the customer tells us, and what they tell us isn’t always accurate. Once we can piece together what the problem is, we often need to talk them through a solution step-by-step, hoping that each step makes sense and nothing throws them off in the process.

If your company is using an online meeting service, you can connect with that to see where your customers are so you can guide them. An even better solution is to use integrated visual engagement solutions to streamline the connection process so you can connect more quickly without the technical setup that meeting services require. These solutions can also be tailored to fit your support process within your CRM across different channels and platforms.

De-escalation is key when it comes to SaaS Customer Support. When you can see exactly what customers see, you instantly reduce effort on the customers’ side and on your own, making the both of you happier in one fell swoop.

The bottom line in SaaS customer support

SaaS Customer Support is challenging. However, it’s a key aspect of the customer experience and vital to every business.

Customers like to know that they can depend on you when they have a problem. They remember their good experiences – and their bad ones. Good customer support is well worth the effort. After all, any time you can deftly handle a difficult support call, you’ll earn a loyal customer in return.

Visual engagement for the customer support win

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