10 Ways to Use Customer Service to Say Thanks to Your Customers

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There are many reasons for businesses to be thankful to their customers during Thanksgiving, over the holiday season, and throughout the year. Being grateful to your customers should be a central point in your customer service training.

First and foremost, without customers, a business can’t exist! Customers are what give a business hope. They energize us. They motivate us and inspire us to perform even better than before. If we listen to them, they will provide us with guidance on ways to improve our offerings and elevate our businesses to even greater heights.

For this, they deserve our constant thanks and a great customer experience.

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There are numerous and varied ways you can show thanks to your customers. For example, you can:

  • Send an email. Send your customers a short, personalized “thank you” note. And no, I don’t mean an automated piece of advertising. I’m talking about a genuine, from the heart “thank you” that shows you know who they are and you appreciate their business.
  • Give them a gift or discount card. If you send a gift or discount card, again, be sure to include a personalized note. Otherwise the gift will come out looking more like spam then something to be appreciated.
  • Pick up the phone. Give your customers a call. Don’t have any hidden selling agenda. Just tell them that you think they’re great and you’re happy to be doing business with them. Ask if there’s anything you can do to make their lives better – and mean it. People know when you’re telling the truth. Be genuine.
  • Show them you are paying attention. Really listen to what they have to say, whether they are cobrowsing, texting, on social media, emailing, calling you, or using whatever channel they prefer.

Provide a Great Customer Experience Year Round

Even more importantly, remember that thanking your customers and providing a great customer experience isn’t just something you should reserve for the holiday season.

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Here are a few ways your customer service agents can be thankful to your customers all year long:

  • Respect them. Provide an outstanding customer experience. When they are confused, guide them through processes. When there are issues, hear their concerns and respond in a respectful way.
  • Be honest. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver on. Be truthful and you will gain their trust.
  • Remember they are people. Treat them like human beings, not numbers.
  • Remember you are people too. Show that your company is filled with human beings who can relate to their customers in a non-robotic way.
  • Don’t script everything. Even if you have a script for your agents, allow them to move off script as it makes sense to keep the conversation helpful, relevant, and personal.
  • Be there for them. Remember that self-service is great for certain circumstances, but there are definitely situations that call for a more active approach.

Being thankful to your customers is not only nice for your clients, but also good for business. In fact, according to research done by Kissmetrics, 98% of customers say that customer experience was among the top three factors in deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

The bottom line? Being thankful pays off in both brownie points with your customers and business profitability.

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