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Glance was proud to sponsor Finovate Fall 2019 last week at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square New York. We talked to many financial executives after our demo and at our booth who are tackling the challenge of digital transformation. Here are a couple of themes that came up again and again:

1. Helping digital transformation projects exceed expectations

The goals of digital transformation are well documented: increase efficiency, lower cost, improve the ease of your customers doing business with you, among others. But many organizations are experiencing lackluster results. According to a survey cited in a recent Forbes article, financial organizations are investing heavily in digital transformation projects, but a staggering 73% of executives surveyed consider the results to be falling short of being truly “transformational” or “revolutionary.”

How can you get better results from digital transformation projects? One way is to help customer adoption. If customers are used to coming into the branch to perform financial transfers or apply for loan applications, they may struggle to accomplish the same goals in your online apps.

That’s where Glance can help. Glance can help customers adopt new digital ways of accomplishing familiar goals. With Glance, your customer service agents or loan specialists can join customers in the online app, see their screen, and guide them to a solution. When the customer receives a guided tour of the app, they are much more likely to remember it next time so they can execute similar transactions without help, and they are much more likely to be satisfied with the experience.

2. Humanizing the “digital branch” customer experience

As financial organizations deploy apps, self-service tools, and bots, customers can feel disconnected and resentful that customer interactions are relegated to machines. If financial companies want to earn customers’ loyalty, they sometimes still need to deliver the human touch. And complex transactions like transfers, trades, and loan origination can suffer poor transaction conversion rates if the customer support is only self-service or bot-driven. In fact, Forrester predicts a customer backlash against bots and AI for just these reasons.

Again, Glance can help. Glance represents a perfect escalation vehicle for customers who are frustrated by self-service or bot-driven engagements. When customers click the “help” button your agents and advisors can join them in a visual collaboration session, see their screen, and guide them to a speedy solution. Glance can even show the friendly face of your agent to the customer via live video feed — proven to de-escalate emotional engagements and to drive CSAT and NPS scores higher.

Glance can even be used to create a digital meeting space, where financial advisors can present proposals and portfolio options, and then guide the customer to trade and transact in the financial app. This is perfect for regularly scheduled meetings between financial advisors and their clients. If you caught Glance on the main stage at Finovate this was precisely the demo we delivered.

That’s why we say “Glance delivers real human connections in your digital space.”

Learn more about Glance solutions for Financial Service companies here, and schedule a demo here.

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