Are Your Customers Satisfied? How to Gain a Competitive Edge in Customer Experience

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Companies worldwide are not only competing on price and products or services. Increasingly, they’re competing on customer service. So it’s no surprise that business leaders are evaluating where they’re falling short with their customer interactions. Their digital transformation projects are centered around customer experience.

Metrigy’s new eBook on Guided Customer Experience delves into what customers want and how to deliver it to them for increased customer satisfaction, and in turn, increased revenue.

What is it that customers want when they interact with businesses?

  • Options for support
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Polite and friendly service
  • An actual resolution for their query

The trouble is, far too many customer service representatives are interacting with their customers with one hand tied behind their backs. For example, they may be using a single channel — say webchat, SMS, or voice — but they really need to see what the customer is experiencing to guide them to a resolution.

Customer service representatives are presented with roadblocks like:

  • Not having access to the proper tools.
  • The technology infrastructure isn’t available to support digital customer engagements.
  • A lack of journey tracking, resulting in agents not understanding when to shift the guidance, demo, or consult to visual aids.

How can you remove these roadblocks and pave the way for your organization to have a competitive edge in customer experience?

The answer is a Guided Customer Experience, or Guided CX. When companies interact with their customers using enhanced visuals, they are providing a Guided CX. They use whatever virtual applications are necessary to see, show, or share, ultimately guiding the customer through a process to completion. Metrigy’s eBook reports that nearly 60% of companies use some form of visual engagement components, which can include screen sharing, video, or co-browsing.

When customer service reps, salespeople, and/or customers can leverage visual aids they see measurable benefits.

Here’s how many companies in Metrigy’s research cited each of the following benefits:

  • 67.4% customer ratings improved
  • 42.6% revenue increased
  • 40.9% cost decreased

Clearly, Guided CX delivers measurable improvements to customer interactions. When customers can show the problem they’re having, vs. trying to explain it without visuals, it takes longer to solve the problem. Or, when sales representatives can show how a product works, vs. trying to explain it verbally or in text, they can help prospective customers visualize what they’re going to buy — and do so more quickly. Value-added interactions like those leave customers with a much better experience.

To improve customer satisfaction, consider developing a Guided CX Framework, which leverages visual engagement platforms to more efficiently address customer issues that ultimately result in improved business success. Using co-browsing and/or video gives both CSRs and customers the ability to personalize their interaction, solve problems faster, and educate about products more fully. The new Metrigy eBook covers what you need to know about a Guided CX architecture to drive measurable outcomes in 2022. Download it to learn more.

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