Balancing automation, digital, and human guidance in CX strategy

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Over 70% of senior executives, as reported by McKinsey, see CX as their top priority, driven by its tangible benefits.

Wondering which strategies can truly transform your CX? That’s what Adam Atwood, Glance CMO, and David Singer, Global Vice President, Go-To-Market Strategy, Verint, answered in their recent Destination CRM presentation: Reimagining Customer Experience: Structure Follows Strategy.

Adam and David uncovered keys to deeply embedding customer experience within your organization’s fabric. Keep reading for insights to help you reimagine the customer experience by balancing technological advances with the human experience.

Using CX automation to close the engagement capacity gap 

Automation is becoming more essential. Why? Because as more channels have been introduced, it hasn’t spread out customer interactions, it’s created more interactions.

David said that this has led to a big problem: an engagement capacity gap. The workforce cannot handle the growing number of customer interactions. The industry faces a $2 trillion labor spent problem and brands simply can’t “hire their way to better CX.”

To add fuel to the fire, customer expectations are growing. “People are beginning to expect everything to work at the speed of the fastest channel they encounter,” David said. “It’s putting pressure on in-person interactions, phone interactions, and digital interactions.” 

The solution: using data and AI to increase CX automation.

By using bots at the center of existing workflows, every employee gets a team of digital assistants to help them work better and more efficiently. This enhances the employee experience and the customer experience. The key is to ensure it integrates into existing processes. AI should actually help employees and customers, not add an extra layer of complexity.

For example a knowledge bot can give agents the information they need faster, leading to a 30% reduction in authoring time. Bots can also detect negative sentiment to warn agents before their interaction begins and help them prepare to deliver a better experience.

Balancing digital and human CX strategy

It’s essential to find the right mix of self-service, automation, and human guidance to create a seamless customer journey. Adam emphasized that these efforts shouldn’t operate in separate silos; they should work together harmoniously to create a consistent, frictionless customer experience. 

What does that mean? It means using the right intervention at the right moment:

  • Offering self-service for simple tasks.
  • Using predictive AI to anticipate when and where customers may require human assistance.
  • Leveraging AI and advanced technology to empower company representatives to provide a better customer experience. 

According to a recent Gartner Market Guide, creating a seamless customer journey across self-service and assisted-service channels of engagement is a top priority for CX leaders.   


When human assistance is needed, it’s important that they have the right tools to deliver a standout experience. This can include some of the automation solutions mentioned earlier, as well as Guided CX.

Glance’s Guided CX solutions bring your representatives and customers together for frictionless personal collaboration in real time. These in-brand, in-the-moment engagements blend digital ease with human connection, striking the perfect balance. 

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The results speak for themselves:

  • Intuit TurboTax Live improved Case Resolution Rate by 10% and increased NPS by 18 points.
  • A top bank earned a 97% satisfaction rating by using Guided CX the guide 1 in 4 online banking interactions.
  • A leading POS software and hardware provider for restaurants achieved a 20% higher CSAT rating when using Guided CX.

“What we hear from our customers is that more personal, more human guidance is making a world of difference,” Adam said. 

Don't miss the opportunity to gain deeper insights into these transformative strategies. Click the link below to watch the webinar recording and reimagine customer experience today.

 Watch now: Reimagining Customer Experience: Structure Follows Strategy

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