Exactly What Happened in Booth 1201 and 339 at Dreamforce This Year? #DF17

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Finally, Salesforce’s 15th annual Dreamforce tech conference is right around the corner. Dreamforce this year should be amazing! Four days at Dreamforce 2017 can teach us all a lot, when you consider the 2,700+ breakout sessions, dozens of training and certification classes, world-renowned speakers, insider networking events, and more (parties and concerts and trinkets – oh my!).

You’ll also see hundreds of innovative partner solutions on the exhibition floor. Unfortunately, when the conference is over, some Dreamforce attendees may be left asking, “How could I have missed the most talked-about stop of the show? Exactly what happened in Booth 1201 and 339?!”

Exactly What Happened in Booth 1201 and 339 at Dreamforce This Year? #DF17

Real metrics from real customers

Who would ask that question? Only those who realized they missed out on vastly impacting their company’s key metrics by accomplishing such miracles as:

  • Reducing sales cycles by 60%
  • Increasing Transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) by 18%
  • Lowering Average Handle Time (AHT) by more than 15%
  • Improving customer resolution rate by 10%

Yes, these are real numbers that were shared by individuals who became heroes using visual engagement software at their company. Yet there will still be those who leave Dreamforce 2017, realizing they missed out on their chance to do the same.

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And how did that happen? They failed to visit Booth 1201 and 339, where Glance Networks’ integrated cobrowsing technology, instant screen sharing, and one-way real-time agent video could be seen working seamlessly with Salesforce Service, Sales, and Community Clouds.

Integrated cobrowse, screen sharing, and agent video for the win

Booth 1201 and 339 presents the perfect opportunity for you to walk through how Glance visual engagement solutions can bring your business nearly instant ROI. It fits perfectly into your Salesforce environment and transforms online interactions with customers and prospects from frustrating business barriers to collaborative sessions where both agents and customers end up happier.

With just one click, you can guide customers and collaborate naturally without “overhead” – no proxies, software downloads, apps, Java, or WebRTC. You’ll see how Glance literally puts people on the same page – or more precisely, the same browser window – from any device, with no lag time.

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Try your hand personally at using direct onscreen highlighting, annotation, and remote cursor and keyboard control. It really brings to life the value of collaborative teamwork, Glance style.

Glance visual engagement software also provides powerful security and privacy features, like encryption, field masking, and much more. You’ll see how, with the Glance visual engagement platform, browsers pull assets directly from a company’s website or content delivery network, not Glance itself, keeping private information private – as it should be.

And here’s a quick note to folks involved with Digital Banking: Glance has partnered with Deloitte to provide visual engagement in Deloitte Digital Bank, powered by Salesforce. Check it out at the Dreamforce Cloud Expo!

Just remember, whatever you do at Dreamforce 2017, don’t be left asking, “What happened in Booth 1201 and 339? And why aren’t I a part of it?”

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