Celebrating the women of Glance

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March is Women’s History Month, and we’ve been collecting some words of reflection and inspiration from the women of Glance. Their stories highlight the collective people-first mentality at Glance, and showcase the amazing women behind the brand and technology.

Here’s a look at what some of them had to say about their career journeys — their priorities, inspiration, and experiences. They also share their best career advice, so be sure to read those words of wisdom to take with you!

Priorities: Technology is important, but it’s the people that transform

“Of course innovative technology is always interesting, but honestly, it’s the people that matter most. I’m a people person, and collaborating with those who are open and engaged is my biggest motivator. Glance is fortunate to be full of so many passionate, personable people who are committed to getting the job done.” – Erica Gilbert, Solutions Engineer

“Working around a group of people who are dedicated to doing the right thing will always help inspire me.” – Sareth Kang, Engagement Manager

“When you see people who love what they do, are kind and helpful, are great at their jobs, and don’t worry about typical ‘work boundaries,’ just help each other out, it is fun and energizing to get things done together.” – Jill Newberg, VP Product Marketing

“I was incredibly lucky to work with the people I did, because they were far smarter and more talented than me and made the idea come to life in ways I hadn’t envisioned — it taught me that different approaches and points of view can result in something really strong.” – Nadine Long, Director, Brand & Performance Marketing

Inspiration: The people who helped shape their careers

“My mom is the role model for me in my career journey as well as in my personal life. She is a strong woman. She educated me and my sister the importance of education and financial independence for women that made me what I am today. I also want to be the role model for my daughter where I can motivate and educate her to pursue her dreams and goals in this fast paced generation.” – Bindhu Kallimakula, QA Automation Engineer

“My first manager, Kathy Gavini, really set the standards for me in regards to what makes a person a good Quality Engineer, and an even better coworker to all. She always made sure to have the team’s back … worked hard with other departments … kept us accountable … and was always encouraging us. And she was super fun! I wouldn’t be where I am if she hadn’t invested in me. She is one of the best!” – Hannah Cloutier, Quality Engineer

“My mom started her sales career as a vacuum salesperson in a chain department store.  Because she was female, she was given the worst shift and told she would fail.  Well, she crushed her quota thus getting herself a direct job with the manufacturer selling into those chain department stores!    Eventually she moved to the foodservice industry where she continued to dominate sales for 20+ years.  She shared a lot of stories around the challenges of being a female in a male dominated industry but she never gave up, proved her value and was incredibly successful.  She instilled in me to work hard and I can do anything I put my mind to!!” – Jo Klos, Senior Customer Success Manager

Experience: When stepping outside their comfort zone paid off

“I made a career change later in life when some people may not have. However, I knew deep down there is a different type of feeling when you work with Customers. Sometimes you have to take those risks.” – Sareth Kang, Engagement Manager

“You never get what you don’t go for.” – Erica Gilbert, Solutions Engineer

“My first management job was one I asked for. I saw a frustrated, disenfranchised team that worked alongside me, so I went to the CEO and asked to be their manager. Sometimes I wonder what in the world made me think I could do that: I was so young — younger than they both were — and they were both men who’d been at the company longer than I had. But together we built such a strong team, we doubled its size, and we are all still friends to this day.” – Jill Newberg, VP Product Marketing

“Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your job description, especially early in your career. You might find you really like something you didn’t expect to.”  – Nadine Long, Director, Brand & Performance Marketing

Advice: Words of wisdom for other working women

“Combat impostor syndrome. You’re in this role because someone else believes in you: believe in yourself just as much as they do. It can take a conscious effort to step forward and take the role you’ve been given – and then take it further. It can empower you to lead no matter where you sit in an organization.” – Jill Newberg, VP Product Marketing

“Find a path that you are passionate about. When you are passionate about it, you will put in more effort but it will have a bigger reward… success!” – Jo Klos, Senior Customer Success Manager

“Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself. Individuals who are curious and eager to learn in the workplace I’ve only seen rewarded — if you put your hand up to be engaged in a different function or in a new capability, people almost always want to share and help you learn.”  – Erica Gilbert, Solutions Engineer

“Never be afraid to hear ‘no’ and try to leverage your creative side whenever you can.  You may be pleasantly surprised with the results!” – Kayla Baron, ABM Program Manager

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