Customer Service is Everyone’s Job

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It’s time to stop looking at customer service as a position that touches the contact center alone. A true customer service oriented organization recognizes that all employees need to incorporate the customer viewpoint into their jobs.

Below are some basic questions that employees across the company need to ask themselves in order to keep customer experience great and customers at the heart of their actions.


  • Are your social media efforts set to help customers by providing them with information and a resource for handling issues? Are you keeping it personal and not fully automated?
  • Are you providing content that is useful to customers? Does it answer both their high-level questions and their deeper concerns?
  • Are you ensuring that your website is set up to provide easy access support for your customers as they need it, whether it’s through self-service options, chat, cobrowse, email, or social channels? Are you providing a true omnichannel customer experience?

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  • Are you selling with the customer’s needs in mind as opposed to your own?
  • Are you ensuring that you can actually deliver on what you promise?
  • Are you available to answer questions, provide demos, and show your products to your customers online at the click of a button?
  • Do you have the tools to easily collaborate with and provide solutions that truly make sense for your customers?

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Product/Service Development

  • Have you collected customer feedback and used that to improve your offerings?
  • Are you designing the customer experience with customer requirements in mind rather than adding offerings that “sound cool?”
  • Are you sharing your roadmaps and new features with your customers so they know where you are going, what to expect, and what to get excited about?

Contact Center

  • Are you there for your customers, regardless of the channel they choose (chat, email, cobrowse, phone, etc.)?
  • Are you working towards contact center metrics that are based around your customers’ needs as opposed to trying to get your customers off of the phone as quickly as possible?
  • Are you spending most of your time helping your customers as opposed to simply trying to understand where on the website they are and what’s happening on their screen?
  • Are you proactively reaching out to customers on your website to ensure that their needs are being met?
  • Do your agents have the right tools to properly support your customers? Note that a recent survey indicated that 27% of contact center employees stated that dated technology keeps them from meeting performance goals.

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Customer service should be practiced company-wide

The ideal situation includes a customer-service mindset that is promoted from the top down and across all areas of the business. Whether your job is to develop the product or service, market or sell it, or support it, you must keep customer experience at the center of it all.

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