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View the many ways Glance can transform the experience of your digitally connected customers. Add Glance guided CX solutions to your existing apps and websites to create digital interactions with your customers that rival in-person meetings. Join customers in the app or website. See what’s on their screen. Deliver expert consultation. Guide customers to complete web and in-app transactions.

Glance In Action – Customer Care
Orsen is applying for a loan on his bank’s mobile app but he can’t complete the transaction. Using Glance, the bank’s loan officer joins Orsen in the app and guides him through the process.

Glance In Action – Advisory Services
Jim is trying to finish the monthly accounting for his business but he runs into a snag. Using Glance, the accounting software company’s CPA joins Jim in the app and delivers consulting services to save the day and deepen the customer relationship.

Glance In Action – Digital Sales Meetings
Janice is a financial advisor and she has a great proposal for her clients Beth & Tom. She joins her clients in the investment management app to deliver a presentation that wows the clients. Then Janice smoothly transitions to help them execute the transaction in their investment management app. It is a frictionless on-brand digital experience that rivals an in-person meeting. It locks in the loyalty of Janice’s clients and helps to grow their portfolio value.

The Glance Visual Engagement Platform
Glance uses best-in-class patented sharing & collaboration technologies and our two decades of expertise to tailor for you a guided CX solution that lets you see, show or share anything, in the moment, with digitally connected customers or prospects. Your customers and prospects will be delighted by a digital experience with the same human element as an in-person interaction.

What do customers want? The Customer Care Manifesto
When customers are stuck, your self-service knowledge bases and chatbots may not be solving every problem. Frustrated customers want awesome human intervention. They want an agent who sees what they see, who can work with them to solve problems and get things done.

Glance Mobile App Sharing
When users of your mobile app get stuck, Glance can help you deliver in-app visual support and guidance. Users of your mobile app can tap your app’s help button and invite your support agent to join them in the app. Agent video can even display the friendly face of the agent to the app user, to build rapport and trust.
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A message from Tom Martin, Glance CEO:

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Embracing Guided CX and human connection at Glance
Guided CX

Embracing Guided CX and human connection at Glance

By Tom Martin, Glance CEO

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Originally published in CRM XchangeBy Tom Martin, CEO, GlanceApril 27, 2021

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