Guided CX in retail: Use cases that offer meaningful differentiation

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The retail industry is fiercely competitive. Customer experience (CX) is a top priority for retailers looking to differentiate themselves and drive brand loyalty. And when it comes to the digital customer journey, Guided CX is empowering retail brands to create meaningful connections and experiences.

What does that look like? Let’s dive into an example scenario of how an SVP of customer experience could use Guided CX to develop valuable experiences that create meaningful differentiation, brand love, and new revenue opportunities.

Meet Cecelia CX, SVP, Customer Experience

Cecelia is responsible for helping the CCO drive innovative business initiatives that will elevate the customer experience, set their brand apart, and renew customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

Her Goals:

  • Increase revenue opportunities like average sales per transaction
  • Increase customer/brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Decrease cart abandonment rate
  • Increase gross margin and total revenue

Cecilia faces a lot of challenges in reaching her goals. She’s under a lot of pressure to personalize the shopping experience while driving efficiencies. In-store sales have not returned to pre-pandemic levels, and she must deliver standout digital experiences that yield results.

Here’s how Guided CX helps Cecelia CX overcome these challenges and reach her goals.

Cecelia increases revenue opportunities through guided shopping experiences                      

How it works:

When customers are pushed to self-service or bots to answer questions about high-value or complex purchases, they are likely to get frustrated. They may abandon their shopping carts — and your brand — altogether.

With human-guided digital shopping experiences made possible by Guided CX technology, customers can raise a digital hand for retail associates to shop with them. This experience replicates the confidence and personalization of shopping in-store with an expert — without ever leaving the context of your website or mobile app.


Cecelia’s team creates meaningful shopping experiences with one-on-one guidance that replicates the in-store experience. Customers love this humanized digital shopping experience, which results in an increased average sale value and decreased cart abandonment rates.

Guided CX empowers Cecelia’s support team to quickly and memorably resolve issues                         

How it works:

Guided CX lets customers and service agents see, show, or share anything to troubleshoot and resolve issues from within a website or mobile app. If the item can’t be fixed, the agent can collaborate with the customer on returns and replacements within the retailer’s website or service portals.


By providing guided support, Cecelia’s team can:

  • Increase FCR (first contact resolution) through efficient and effective interactions
  • Improve CSAT (customer satisfaction) and NPS (net promoter score) by providing “wow” moments even during difficult interactions

Cecelia accelerates time to market through white glove digital experiences                     

How it works:

Competitive pressures, fast-changing trends, and challenging economic conditions can make hitting sales numbers in the retail world feel like a roller coaster.

Joining VIPs like customer-facing employees, brand ambassadors, and influencers right inside existing digital properties (websites, mobile apps, or product catalogs) elevates the onboarding and training experience. Instead of fumbling through self-service training materials that have to be recreated every time, the VIPs literally get on the same (digital) page in minutes to walk through new information and even show physical items, pointing out important details.


Guided CX helps Cecelia create a white-glove experience to quickly and effectively transfer knowledge about brands, products, and services with employees, ambassadors, and influencers using the company’s existing digital properties (website or app). This improves their time to effectiveness, accelerates product launch timelines, and brings in revenue sooner.

Cecelia creates new revenue streams and better experiences using Guided CX

How it works:

Building brand loyalty and elevating the customer experience requires constant innovation on the products and services retailers provide. Not only can it be expensive, but it can be slow to scale.

Guided CX creates new service offerings where experts (third-party or within the organization) can offer new on-demand shopping experiences. Think styling consultations for clothing retailers, technical support for appliance retailers, and interior design help for furniture retailers.


Cecelia connects her customers with trusted experts from her company’s ecosystem, allowing them to personally join customers in the company’s digital retail properties to provide advice, consultation, or support. She can now increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and profitability with new revenue streams.

Want to learn more about how retailers can deliver standout customer experiences in their digital spaces? Download the Salesforce eBook to explore the proven impact of using Guided CX to humanize the customer experience.

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