The equation for a compelling online interaction

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When was the last time you had a compelling engagement with a chatbot?

Probably never.

Chatbots and self service are important, but when situations escalate above what a self-help article or AI can handle, it’s essential to have the right tools to provide a great experience for both the customer and the agent.

Here’s the equation for a compelling online interaction:

Great Customer Experience (CX) + Great Agent Experience (AX) = Great Human Experience 

Let’s break that down.

Great customer experience (CX)

Customers who are at sticking points need one-on-one guidance. Unfortunately, in the rush to digitize everything, many organizations left out a critical element: the human component. And especially in industries where purchases and decisions are high-stakes, like banking, a great customer experience requires both the ease of digital and the guidance of in-person counsel.

Imagine you're trying to assemble a piece of furniture that requires precision and careful handling of small screws and bolts. However, you only have a large and heavy sledgehammer as your tool. While the sledgehammer is a powerful tool, it's completely inappropriate for this task. Attempting to use it would likely result in damaging the furniture, the screws, and potentially injuring yourself.

In this scenario, the sledgehammer is the wrong tool for the job because it lacks the finesse and precision required for assembling delicate items like furniture. A screwdriver or a wrench would be the appropriate tools for this task.

Think of self service and chatbots like sledgehammers. There’s no doubt that a sledgehammer is a powerful tool, and it can accomplish a whole lot … but it’s not always the right tool for the task at hand. Sometimes, you need more finesse, and the wrench of the CX world is guided CX.

With one click, guided CX enables customers to share their screen with an agent and receive personalized guidance. They can video chat, get help navigating websites, or even get assistance filling out an application. Because the truth is, even with excellent self service, sometimes we just need personal attention or want the reassurance we can only get from a trusted advisor.

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Great agent experience (AX)

CX tools can’t focus solely on the customer, they must also hone in on the agent experience (AX). Why? Because agents must have what they need to service their customers.

Let’s take it back to the sledgehammer. An agent often has a lot of tools at their disposal. But if their toolbox is overly-complex, or worse, they have multiple toolboxes, they’ll have a disjointed and clunky experience. And you better believe this results in a clunky customer experience, too.

Glance’s guided CX software seamlessly integrates with your CRM, so agents don’t have to finagle with a new toolbox. With just one click, they can launch a session with a customer and provide frictionless, personal support.

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Great human experience

Great human experiences emerge when the power of technology is harnessed to complement, not replace, the human touch. It's about blending the convenience of automation with the reassurance of personal interaction.

Picture a scenario where a customer is trying to resolve a complex issue related to their financial accounts. They've already explored self-help options and tried engaging with a chatbot, but their situation requires a nuanced approach. This is where the synergy of great CX and AX comes into play. The customer connects with a knowledgeable agent through a guided CX platform. The agent can see exactly what the customer sees on their screen and provides step-by-step guidance, answering questions in real-time and walking them through the necessary steps. The customer isn't left to decipher instructions alone; they're empowered by a supportive human presence. This fusion of technological efficiency and human empathy creates a lasting impression, showcasing the significance of the human experience.

Just as a sledgehammer is not the optimal tool for delicate tasks, automation can lack the finesse and personalization needed for intricate customer interactions. To truly elevate the online engagement equation, a combination of great customer experience and great agent experience is essential. This synergy results in a great human experience, where technology empowers human interactions rather than replaces them. The right tools, powered by both human and machine, can transform an ordinary interaction into an exceptional one.

See how Guided CX can create an exceptional human experience: Watch Chris Duncan, VP of Solution Engineering, demonstrate Glance’s guided CX capabilities for American Banker.



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