How Guided CX can transform the student enrollment process

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The student journey is becoming increasingly digital, even for students who don’t engage in remote learning. And when it comes to recruitment and enrollment, the digitization of these processes is here to stay.

In a survey of high school juniors and seniors who were  searching for and selecting a college:

  • 54% of respondents said an institution’s website was very or extremely important in their decision about whether to apply.
  • 84% said online information surrounding the application process (how to apply, next steps, etc.) was very or extremely important.
  • When looking at the institution’s website, 74% said that asking questions or finding ways to contact someone who works at the college was very or extremely important.

Recruitment and enrollment professionals know that nothing replaces the connection that can only occur through human-to-human interactions. As higher education undergoes its digital transformation, how can institutions meet the need for online services while also providing the one-on-one, personalized support that’s foundational to success? Guided CX may be the answer higher education is looking for.

Let’s take a look at why online college enrollment is a critical moment in the student journey, and how Guided CX can transform the process from frustrating and cumbersome to friction-free and engaging.

College enrollment is a critical moment in the student journey

If you map out the student’s journey, enrollment is a key inflection point — especially for first-year students. The student has made one of the biggest decisions of their lives, and it’s one of the first opportunities to prove to them that they made the right choice.

Are you meeting this moment? Does the student feel supported, or alone? Are they getting their questions answered? Are you establishing trust and increasing their confidence?

If students are just met with an online portal and maybe some self-help articles, the answer to all of those questions is “no.”

Guided CX is especially beneficial during critical moments like college enrollment. Students can feel supported from the beginning, and feel confident that they’ve chosen not only the right courses, but the right institution to take them from. Frustration lowers because they’ll have personal guidance throughout the often-confusing process, and they’ll have an overall better experience they’re likely to share with friends — friends who may also be considering college options.

How Guided CX improves the enrollment process

Today’s student wants it all. The convenience and accessibility of digital. The personalized guidance from one-on-one interactions. And the meaningful connection that can only come from human engagement. With Guided CX, they can have it all.

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Guided CX allows recruitment, enrollment, and student support specialists to get on the same page as students. Literally. With Glance Cobrowse, they can see what the student sees, and guide them through the enrollment process, answering any questions that come up along the way. It’s like they’re right next to them, offering consultation during the critical enrollment process. And the option of one-way or two-way video can put the human face on the digital student journey.

Consider this example. Imagine a first-year college student who’s enrolling for the first time. They’re adjusting to a new online system, which can be challenging at first. Any additional hurdles they encounter — a technical error, or trouble with transferring credits, for example — are enough to make their first big milestone with your institution laden with frustration. They dig through self-help articles but nothing seems to answer their questions and what they really need is a real life human to walk them through the process.

Now imagine that when that student feels overwhelmed and needs assistance, they can quickly connect with a specialist, right within their enrollment portal. They see the face of a  friendly university employee, who can see their screen and their student record — including their transferring credits. They’re able to guide the student through the process, helping them understand how to enroll and giving them confidence that they did it correctly. Instead of walking away from the experience feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated, they’ll feel excited about the journey that’s ahead of them.

Remember, students have choices — just like customers. By following the corporate world’s lead and investing in CX, higher education institutions can transform the digital student experience, leading to better engagement, more word-of-mouth recruitment, and higher retention.

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