The Shocking ROI of Improving SaaS Customer Service

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Vastly shorter call handling time. Hugely improved performance around first call resolution. Radically fewer support calls. All from improvement in SaaS customer service.

Does this sound like a pipe dream? It’s not.

The Customer Service Problem

Glance Networks recently worked with a SaaS company that catered to a broad range of customers, from tech-savvy to not, young folks to seniors. Clients frequently would have questions or issues that they couldn’t easily explain.

These clients would call agents for assistance, but it was often difficult for the agents to explain how to remedy issues. The result was that clients would call multiple times in an attempt to resolve the same or a related issue.  This was annoying for the client and costly for the company.

Moreover, clients would have difficulty launching and learning how to use the SaaS app and the agents who attempted to help found it challenging to direct the customers. The problem? They couldn’t see what the customer was doing. The result: increased frustration for everyone.

It was time for a change. The SaaS company’s reputation for providing an outstanding customer experience was on the line. Customer service agents needed a way to resolve client service issues faster, with greater accuracy.

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What’s more, the business needed an easier way to demonstrate new offerings that were relevant to customers. The ability to perform real-time, on-the-fly demos was a requirement.

The Visual Engagement Solution

Our Glance Networks team worked with the SaaS company to develop a customized launch plan. The goal was to enable clients and agents to start a cobrowse and screen sharing session from within the company’s online application so agents could guide clients through complex processes. Moreover, agents needed to be able to demo additional software packages on the fly.

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The teams worked together to define the new customer service process, deliver a training program, and deploy a custom look to the visual engagement solution. The Glance visual engagement platform was up and running in a matter of hours.

The Glance visual engagement platform empowered agents to seamlessly switch between screen sharing and co-browsing functionalities. That meant they could easily view customers’ screens and instantly understand issues.

Customers found it easy to use too, regardless of their computer knowledge. In fact, during the initial phase of deployment, clients would specifically ask for agents who were using the Glance platform.

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By visually engaging with customers (for instance, highlighting clients’ screens as agents guided them through complex processes), agents could show clients what to do – like how to refine searches in real time – and then allow them to try it themselves. When clients learned how to resolve their own issues, they were more satisfied and less likely to call back in the future with the same issue.

In fact, in rolling out the Glance visual engagement solution, the company experienced impactful ROI numbers, including:

  • 14% reduction in handling times
  • 18% increased first call resolution
  • 10% reduction in future support calls

In addition to the hard numbers, there were also great benefits like increased member loyalty and satisfaction, as well as a dramatic improvement in customer experience. Customers even went out of their way to tell agents that they were delighted with the cobrowsing and screen sharing experience.

Going Forward

Personalized, visual engagement increases trust and strengthens the relationship between customers and agents. Moreover, providing a more streamlined, positive customer experience improves the lifetime value of your customers – and increases the chances that they will recommend your business to their peers.

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