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People are using insurance mobile apps more than ever before. According to a study by Accenture, 37% of consumers engage with their insurers through mobile apps or websites on a monthly basis. But when it comes to major moments in their journey, apps are often failing to provide the level of support that customers need. 

Where insurance mobile apps are falling short

Surprisingly, while 34% of consumers say they would ideally prefer opening new insurance accounts through a mobile app or website, a survey of insurance professionals found that only 11% of new policies are completed via mobile apps. This gap highlights a significant disconnect between customer preferences and the current state of insurance mobile app offerings.

The absence of seamless mobile solutions results in high-effort interactions for customers, who are often forced into time-consuming tasks like phone calls or office visits for policy reviews and claims processing. This outdated approach not only frustrates customers but also burdens insurers and brokers with inefficient workflows.

A key ingredient missing: the human element

While insurance mobile apps offer convenience, they often lack the personalized touch of face-to-face interactions with agents, especially for clients with limited insurance knowledge. This is where guided CX comes into play, bridging the gap between digital convenience and human connection. By demystifying the claims process, empowering customers to navigate digital processes confidently, and presenting policy options digitally, guided CX humanizes the mobile insurance experience.

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Opportunities for human touch 

Adding human support is especially valuable in high-tension, high-stakes moments. These are the moments when customers are most likely to need one-on-one assistance.

App onboarding

Insurance organizations commonly offer multiple mobile applications, each serving distinct purposes. One app typically focuses on account and claims management, while another may cater to lifestyle or tracking features, such as monitoring mileage or wellness for health insurance purposes. This creates two scenarios where effective onboarding is essential, not only for initially guiding users through app functionalities but also for maintaining ongoing engagement to ensure continued usage. 

Effective onboarding not only helps users understand how to navigate the app's features and functionalities but also builds trust and confidence in the insurance provider. By personally guiding customers through the onboarding process, insurers can demonstrate the value of their mobile app and address any potential concerns or questions users may have. Additionally, personalized onboarding experiences tailored to individual customer needs can foster a sense of connection and engagement, ultimately leading to higher app adoption rates and greater customer satisfaction.

Big purchases

Insurance app usage tends to surge during significant life events such as purchasing a new car or home. These moments represent pivotal milestones where individuals are not only seeking insurance coverage but also require swift and efficient assistance. For instance, when purchasing a new car, users turn to insurance apps to explore coverage options, obtain instant quotes, and seamlessly transition their existing policies or initiate new ones. Similarly, when acquiring a new home, users rely on insurance apps to secure homeowners' insurance, assess coverage needs, and address any queries or concerns promptly. 

During these critical transactions, human guidance can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience during what can be inherently complex processes.

Unfortunate events

During unfortunate events such as accidents or property damage, insurance app usage becomes indispensable for users seeking immediate assistance and resolution. In these distressing situations, individuals turn to insurance apps to file claims, document incidents, and initiate the claims process swiftly. However, navigating through the complexities of insurance procedures during such challenging times can be overwhelming for users, often leading to confusion and frustration. This is where human guidance provided through the app becomes invaluable. By integrating features such as co-browsing and video support, insurance apps can offer users personalized assistance from knowledgeable agents who can guide them through the claims process with empathy and expertise. Human guidance not only helps users understand their coverage options and rights but also provides reassurance and support during times of crisis.

Policy renewal

Policy renewal can be daunting as policyholders review their coverage options, make adjustments, and renew their policies — especially for those unfamiliar with insurance jargon or unsure about their coverage needs. In such instances, human guidance within insurance apps can simplify the renewal process and ensure policyholders make informed decisions. Insurance agents who can provide personalized guidance, answer questions, and offer recommendations tailored to their individual circumstances. This human touch enhances the overall user experience and empowers policyholders to make confident decisions about their coverage, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Ultimately, combining digital convenience with human empathy is key to delivering a seamless and fulfilling insurance mobile experience that meets the evolving needs and expectations of today's consumers. By prioritizing human connection alongside digital innovation, insurers can create a seamless and personalized mobile experience that resonates with policyholders. 

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