Why is Cobrowse a High Priority for Healthcare Organizations?

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Innovative healthcare organizations use visual engagement solutions like cobrowse to transform patients’ online experience. 

Healthcare companies place a high value on the ability to securely share a browser view. People increasingly go online to handle healthcare tasks like enrolling in plans, submitting claims, and accessing benefits. Yet according to a study by Strategy&, only about half of healthcare users are satisfied with their overall consumer experience. Healthcare institutions recognize it’s time for a change. 

With visual engagement, healthcare organizations can instantly collaborate with patients, members, partners, caregivers, and customer service teams any time, across any device. Cobrowse solutions enable healthcare institutions to:

  • Expedite enrollment
  • Protect patient information
  • Simplify beneficiary transactions
  • Discover new offerings 
  • Improve customer engagement

Why is Cobrowse a High Priority for the Best Healthcare Organizations - Glance Networks

Share the view

Healthcare can be an emotionally fraught issue. Reducing effort around navigating complex healthcare-related processes converts frustration into satisfaction. The Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey shows that adults who received personal assistance were nearly 20% more likely to enroll in an insurance plan online (compared to those who didn’t receive personal assistance). 

With cobrowse solutions, healthcare organizations can offer instant onscreen guidance. Sharing a view eliminates the verbal exchange that often precedes traditional customer support sessions (such as, “What do you see on your screen?” or “Can you find this field?”). The ability to jump into a conversation right where the question is lifts both customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Customer calls become team efforts, where agents and customers quickly understand one another.

Some cobrowse solutions can also be integrated into the organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution. At that point, healthcare organizations can utilize data from the cobrowse tool. They can use this information to identify, for instance, which points in the user interface are prompting the highest number of user questions or which customer personas require the most assistance.

Protect private patient information

There is no more sensitive data than patient health information. Preserving privacy and security is paramount. 

Here are a few safeguards healthcare organizations should look for when it comes to cobrowsing. Make sure that the solution:

  • Connects agents to customers across a secure infrastructure with encrypted local session services
  • Requires no application downloads or Java code on the user’s desktop or mobile device
  • Can be configured to require user permission before an agent can to see the screen
  • Blocks agents from seeing beyond the relevant window into personal user information
  • Meets the requirements of HIPAA Business Associates compliance for transmitted data

Personalize and humanize the conversation

Some cobrowse solutions offer integrated, one-way video. Video lets gives patients and customers a in real-time view of the person they are working with. One-way agent visibility humanizes the interaction. The nurturing, personal connection that is made defuses otherwise stressful situations. 

Video-supported customer service is becoming a standard. This is especially true in industries where complex offerings are prone to generate longer sessions. Providing a full visual experience has been shown to shorten time-to-resolution, which is a top priority for most healthcare organizations.

Customer service agents note that video interactions encourage them to stay “on their game” when engaging with users. Patient information and concerns are serious and can be emotional. Providing a personal visual experience builds customer confidence and trust while minimizing confusion.

Cobrowsing provides healthcare organizations with a competitive edge

Top-quality healthcare organizations provide top-quality customer care. According to the Aberdeen Group, “Use of [visual engagement solutions] provides agents with the right tool to observe customers’ issues firsthand and reach a swift resolution. This explains why…users enjoy greater…agent utilization and positive word-of-mouth across social media.” 

Successful online interaction with healthcare users calls for a new level of engagement: visual, secure, privacy-based, and highly personal. Cobrowse gets you there with an intimate customer experience that increases satisfaction, loyalty, and agent productivity.

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