Key Customer Support Metrics That Drive Growth

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Customer support metrics are completely useless if you don’t know how to interpret them, or why you have them. Yet in customer service, seconds can mean the difference between crippling churn and high lifetime value.

Despite the importance of having a clearly defined set of KPIs, companies often find themselves monitoring things that are measurable, but not necessarily meaningful.

So what customer support metrics should you be measuring? And how should you be reporting on it at an individual agent and team level?

Jitbit recently asked a number of customer service professionals this question. Among the experts polled is Glance’s own Jeremy Majchrzak, VP of Customer Success. Here’s what he had to say.

Key Customer Support Metrics That Drive Growth

Some of the customer support metrics we at Glance Networks feel are critical include:

  • Customer adoption
  • Customer retention
  • Account activity summary
  • Average handle time
  • First call resolution
  • Customer effort score

Customer adoption, customer retention, and account activity summary are important because we really want to understand what makes our customers tick. Who is using our solutions the most and what inspires them to do so? What can we do differently if a customer is considering going someplace else? These are critical metrics for us to use to understand and improve the customer journey.

Customer effort score, average handle time, and first call resolution are important for a different reason. Reducing customer effort leads to a shorter time to resolution and a greater rate of first call resolution.

One of Glance Networks’ core beliefs is that the length of a call is significantly less important than making sure customers get what they need with minimal effort. To make that happen, we use our own visual engagement solutions based on a platform that integrates cobrowse, screen share, and one-way agent video.

Visual engagement solutions allow our employees to see what our customers see, even if we’re separated by a great distance. When we can see where customers are, we can instantly diagnose any issues and help solve them.

Making it easy for customers to get answers to their questions increases their satisfaction. In addition, resolving issues the first time customers call increases customer loyalty. Why is this important? It all circles back to customer retention. Creating an atmosphere of positive customer experiences results in great long-term gains like happier customers, deeper customer loyalty, and positive online reviews.

Additional Customer Support Metrics

Want to hear what the other customer support experts questioned had to say about key customer support metrics? Read the full article here: 27 Experts Discuss Key Customer Support Metrics That Drive Growth.

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