The Ultimate Weapon in the Battle for Long-Term Customer Loyalty

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Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the twin gateways to long-term revenue streams, follow-on business, and growth. As a result, they are key goals for every service organization. In a world where over forty percent of customers leave a business because of poor service and seventy-one percent don’t think companies take any action to keep their business it’s paramount to stay on best terms with your constituents.

Sadly, research by Bain & Company indicates that, while four fifths of service companies believed they offer a superior customer experience, fewer than one in ten of their customers agreed. The effort to close that gap has been a major driver for service organizations over the past few years.

The Ultimate Weapon in the Battle for Long-Term Customer Loyalty - Glance Networks Cobrowsing, Screen Share, Agent Video

The secret to securing customer loyalty

Social scientists have shown there are certain key areas that significantly affect customer satisfaction and good will. As Visual Capitalist observes, there is a universal “cognitive bias” toward the first and last aspects of an interaction. Customer engagements that start and end strong dovetail with long-lasting positive impressions.

From a visual engagement standpoint, this argues for a friction-free, “wait-less” session initiation. You don’t want to waste any precious seconds setting up connections, dealing with firewalls, and downloading apps. Every interaction must be pertinent, confusion-free, and one-hundred percent collaborative from the start, even if the session doesn’t start on a PC (twenty-eight percent happen on mobile devices).

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There’s a reason why customers want effective help, personal attention, and communication clarity. They know those are the key ingredients for an interactive session that achieves their goals and lets them get on with their lives as soon as possible. In fact, SAP has found that for sixty percent of people, their willingness to recommend and buy from a company is driven by their perceptions of the company rather than the company’s products.

Effortless engagement

Thousands of companies have discovered that an “effortless” combination of cobrowsing, screen sharing, and one-way live video creates customer service engagements that routinely start and end strong. The effect on long-term customer loyalty is evidenced by hundreds of satisfaction surveys that contain rave reviews for the way a company cares about its customers.

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If your organization is well along its journey to fully empowered visual engagement, congratulations. If your business is still at the beginning of the visual engagement maturity curve, now is the time to act, before lagging behind your competitors’ service methodology starts to do long-term harm.

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