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Using Guided CX to improve customer retention

Focusing on retention supports long-term growth. Existing customers who see value in your product/service are more likely to come back for more, spend more, and refer others to your business.


Higher education needs a CX mindset shift

College enrollment has been declining since 2010. Today’s teens are questioning the value of a college education. They hear about poor college experiences from friends and peers, and meanwhile social media shows them promise of success from self-made millionaires who opted not to pursue higher education.


How to bring human CX to digital spaces

Customers are craving human connection. According to a recent global survey from PWC, 75% of customers want to connect with a person more as technology improves. And while there’s definitely an important place for FAQs, self-help articles, and chatbots — throwing technology at every problem fails to give customers that human connection they want.


The broken feedback loop that creates CX blindspots (and how to close it)

Here’s a tough question: what do your prospects and customers really think about your customer experience (CX)? What does it actually feel like to engage with your business?


What is cobrowse? How is it different from screen share?

Glance Networks’ simple, reliable visual engagement platform – with integrated cobrowse, screen share, one-way agent video – seamlessly blends with existing voice and chat functionality. The solutions leverages intelligence from your CRM so agents can easily provide guidance for improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, revenue growth, and savings.


Grow Customer Satisfaction by Practicing Respect

If you respect your customers, they are more likely to respond positively to you and you will increase customer satisfaction.


10 Ways to Use Customer Service to Say Thanks to Your Customers

There are many reasons for businesses to be thankful to their customers during Thanksgiving, over the holiday season, and throughout the year. Being grateful to your customers should be a central point in your customer service training.


Mind-blowing ROI Statistics to Make Your Business Case for Cobrowse, Screen Share and Agent Video

Cobrowse, screen share and agent video are central to streamlining customer interaction. Personalization in online interactions causes customer satisfaction to skyrocket. At the same time, it significantly cuts company costs.


Top Four Reasons to Get Excited About Attending #Dreamforce

I am really looking forward to Dreamforce. Of course, it’s a great place to meet people on the cutting edge, who understand the value that integrating co-browsing, screen sharing, agent video and more can bring to their Salesforce implementations.