How to Make a Powerful Nationally Televised Customer Story

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Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in the making of a powerful, nationally televised customer story. Glance and Intuit worked together to document some of the highlights of our partnership and the ways in which Intuit was guiding its customers with outstanding service. It was a great opportunity to capture some of the amazing feedback we had received from one of our customers, cement connections, and even share a few laughs.

How to Make a Powerful Nationally Televised Customer Story - Glance Networks co-browsing, screen sharing, agent video

Step one: Reach out

From the moment we began to talk with the folks at Intuit about sharing their amazing journey via a nationally televised customer story, they were enthusiastic. Intuit is a very customer-centric organization. Creating an outstanding customer experience is a top priority and Intuit was pleased to have the opportunity to let its customers to know that.

Approximately 33 million taxpayers use digital technology to prepare their taxes, and Intuit’s TurboTax is the premier tool of choice.  That’s why TurboTax products have continuously ranked as the #1 selling tax software for more than 25 years.

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With Glance’s visual engagement solutions, Intuit is making tax preparation and filing smoother for millions of TurboTax’s users. TurboTax is combining the on-demand help of a tax expert with real time collaboration (via cobrowsing and agent video). As a result, customers get a smarter, more personalized experience.

To begin with, Intuit rolled out the SmartLook capability to thousands of experts across 15 different locations. The business conducted more than one million customer interactions with dramatic results:

  • Improved Intuit’s Customer Resolution Rate by 10% Tweet: Visual engagement solutions helped improve Intuit’s Customer Resolution Rate by 10% @glancenetworks
  • Increased Transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) by 18% Tweet: Visual Engagement Solutions Helped Raise Intuit's Transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) by 18% via @glancenetworks
  • Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) by more than 15% Tweet: Visual engagement reduced Intuit's Average Handle Time (AHT) by more than 15% via @glancenetworks

Ultimately, Intuit’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was higher than Uber, Google, and Microsoft Office.

Key Learning: When you have customers who are seeing great benefits from your solutions/services, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for the opportunity to share their story. If you never ask, you’ll never know.

Step two: Make the connection

It was a quiet day in the Glance Networks’ headquarters…That is, until the camera crew arrived.

Creating a nationally televised customer story is an exciting process!

The day we shot the video, two representatives from Intuit came to visit our office. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet them face-to-face.

A number of Glance team members had previously been to Intuit’s headquarters. However, having our customers visit us gave everyone across the company the opportunity to introduce themselves and forge connections with our customers.

The visit also gave us the chance to ask our guests questions about their experience with our visual engagement solutions. Their valuable feedback gave us insight into new ways to improve our offering.

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Key Learning: There’s nothing like connecting with your customers via the phone, through visual engagement solutions, or in person. It provides an opportunity for both you and your customers to learn, as well as the chance to cement your relationship with your customers.

Filming the Nationally Televised Customer Story - Glance Networks Co-browsing, screen sharing, agent video

Filming a nationally televised customer story with Intuit in the Glance office

Step three: Show off your customers’ success

Your world should revolve more around your customers than yourself. This isn’t to say that you don’t provide a great product or service. But let’s be honest – without our customers, businesses are nothing.

Prospects are always interested in hearing what your customers have to say. With the stories we share, prospects gain confidence in our business and insights into their own.

One of the reasons Intuit’s story is interesting is that Intuit has discovered the secret to forging relationships with customers and turning them into repeat business. For Intuit, it’s not about simply shortening calls or improving call center metrics. The company understands that the way to make an organization successful – especially one that does a great deal of business online – is to provide customer service that goes above and beyond the rest. An amazing customer experience is a competitive advantage and it results in lifelong, loyal customers.

Key Learning: Sharing the fact that your customers love you is great. But sharing how happy your customers make their own customers by using your solutions is even better. You want a compelling story, especially if you’re going to share it as a nationally televised customer story. Think about how you can help your customers be successful. Their success is the story you need to share.

The complete nationally televised customer story

Would you like to check out the final version of our nationally televised customer story? You can check it out here:

Discover How Intuit and Glance Partnered to Provide an Outstanding Customer Experience

Now you know the amazing results that Intuit achieved using Glance’s visual engagement solutions. Are you ready to get those kinds of results for yourself?

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